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Popeyes at SM San Lazaro

My foodie soul felt excited at a sight of seeing a new restaurant or fastfood chain. And then I saw the newly opened Popeyes at SM San Lazaro

I already saw pictures of the food prior to eating at Popeyes. And I see the usual ones, there’s chicken, spaghetti, fries, and burger. I initially thought, what’s new? But then, I wouldn’t know by pictures alone, so one night I went to Popeyes, and ordered their menu highlights.

The queue was long but no one’s stoppin me and my friend Pam!I ate the chicken first. I ate first without gravy. I tried the breading, and then the chicken meat, savoring each bite, and then I’d dip it to the gravy, just so I could compare the taste with or without gravy.

Verdict: Popeye’s gravy reminded me of the peppery gravy of Army Navy’s fearless fried chicken. Quite salty but yummy. No doubt. Btw, regarding the gravy, when your order’s up, the crew would provide empty cup, and you would be the one to fill it up at their gravy counter. I like how the chicken was tender and juicy, but I was just hoping for something new to the breading, but no problem as it is better combined with gravy.

The spaghetti was cooked al dente. It taste cheesy and sweet. I shared this one to my friend Pam and it reminded her of Jollibee Spaghetti.

Fries reminded me of KFC with a twist. There’s a hint of cajun seasoning that’s distinct but yum. Actually there’s a hint of sesame too.

I love this Cajun Chicken Burger because of the bun, and the cheesy creamy buttery sauce that was drizzled in between chicken and lettuce, and also there’s the cheesy sauce they spread inside the bun itself.

The one they called Biscuit got different flavors (and I pick Honey). Biscuit tasted just okay, not something to crave about, but maybe I’ll try other flavors next time.

There maybe comparisons to local foodchain here in this food review. But there’s a distinct taste and twist to it that makes it all in all a satisfying meal by Popeyes!

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