Exercise with a Video Game featuring Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure

It is difficult to wake up in the morning for me. I have to drink hot coffee first and wait for 30 mins or more to finally bring to my senses. But it’s actually a morning habit I would not replace because the smell of coffee is love, and the quietness of the morning is love.

Enter another habit, I’ve been enjoying though on and off. It’s exercising with Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure. I find even a quick 15 minute workout gives energy, natural glow, instant mood lifter, and maintain lean muscles too.

Though weight loss is my real aim, there are a whole lot of benefits to exercise to make it a consistent part of our morning. Ring Fit Adventure makes our workout much fun, easy to follow, and because it’s a game, I find it exercises our mental health too.

I wanted to make an in-depth video about Ring Fit Adventure but I have to be consistent off-camera first.

For now, enjoy this video teaser. 😉

P.S. so sorry to workout enthusiast if my workout seemed casual and lazy but Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure gives you an option whether you choose to boost your difficulty level, or increase your time of workout. My choice was to have fun while working out 😀

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