Day 2 – Ring Fit Adventure – Trip Jem

Day 2 – Ring Fit Adventure

I was supposed to wake up at the sound of my alarm at 4:30 AM but the sleepyhead in me automatically dismisses the alarm for the nth time until clock reaches 6:00 AM.

Adrenaline screams! I hurriedly stand up, fix my bed, empty my bladder, gargle, wash my face, heat water for my coffee, all in 5-10 mins tops.

While waiting for my coffee to turn from hot to slightly warm, I start to workout. I would lay my workout mat, turn the TV on, plug in my Nintendo Switch, and play with Ring Fit Adventure.

The normal for me would be waiting until I finish my coffee, then clear any bowel movement. After those, that was the only time I’ll start working out. My mind and body feels more lighter that way.


But since I was getting late a while ago, I only did an 8 minute workout from the target 30 mins.

The problem I encountered with getting in a hurry is it seemed to be a hindrance to proper digestion and detox in the morning. So as much as possible, I take my time and enjoy every minute of what I do, whether it be sleep, or drinking coffee, or working out. With life changing experiences I encountered last year 2019, I wanted a less stressful 2020, with lots of smile and laughter.

Sharing to you another video of my workout today.

Join me as I challenge myself to be consistent with my exercise. 😉

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