Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy Advent Children Sephiroth Unboxing – Trip Jem

Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy Advent Children Sephiroth Unboxing

The Final Fantasy franchise is almost 33 years old, with their first release way back,1987. Back then, I thought Final Fantasy was just an animated film. It never came to my mind that it actually started as a video game. But, Final Fantasy’s highest quality of story, art and animation, stuck in my mind, made me research more about it, and made me quite a fan, excitedly waiting for new Final Fantasy video game to arrive.

Now, my expectations went up towards any animated film, any video game, and even any action figure.

When we purchased an open world role-playing video game, and it did not match the open world settings that we experienced on PS4’s Final Fantasy XV, we could not help but compare other game details, such as graphics and gameplay.

Purchasing video games that has limited or collector’s edition items are on a pre-order basis, we have to reserve 3-5 months prior.

Hopefully, on April 10, 2020, Final Fantasy VII Remake will finally be released on PS4. While waiting for your pre-order to arrive, here is Trip Jem’s unboxing video featuring Sephiroth, the main antagonist in this role-playing video game.

Thank you for watching!

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