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My Happy Lemon Milk Tea Story and Favorites + Win Nintendo Switch Lite with Happy Lemon PH Pokemon Promo

I am a Certified Milk Tea Addict.

To be specific, I am a Happy Lemon Milk Tea Addict for more than a year now!

If you know me very well, Happy Lemon is not my first ‘milk tea’ love. There are two competitor milk tea brands: Coco and Serenitea, both of which I fell in love with first. These two brands always got the longest line then. There were instances when I had to patiently wait 30-45 minutes just to satisfy my milk tea cravings.

In Serenitea, I was a fan of Brown Sugar with Hollys Milk, Wintermelon Milk Tea with Chia Seeds, Taro Snow Ice Cream Milk Tea for Serenitea. In Coco, I was a fan of Three Buddies.

While I would patiently wait in line back then, I would notice their neighboring milk tea store, Happy Lemon. In that store, there would fall in line maybe 1-3 customers. I wonder why was that? I tried to order once or twice in Happy Lemon then. I forgot what milk tea flavors I ordered, but it did not match those favorites, I ordered in Serenitea and Coco.

But among the three, I found Happy Lemon the cutest store, in terms of logo or design. Plus, while waiting in the cashier area, I noticed they also have cute Happy Lemon merchandise items too. But how could I buy those collectible cute items, if I was not even satisfied with their milk tea first?

Way back my years in college 2011-2014, I remembered milk tea brands, Infinitea, Moon Leaf, and Dakasi and Happy Lemon. There were no Serenitea or Coco then, or if they even exist then, they were not famous yet. But you see, Happy Lemon was one of the pioneers in the Philippine Milk Tea market. Way back, I read the news that Happy Lemon originated in Hongkong, and it was co-franchised by former Ateneo Blue Eagle star player, turned former PBA star player, celebrity Chris Tiu.

But even with their longer presence in the milk tea market, Happy Lemon was not the craze then.

But my milk tea cravings changes instantly.


Entered the year 2019, when Happy Lemon’s Tiger Milk Tea was introduced to the milk tea market. That was the start of my Happy Lemon craze. By craze, I mean almost every single workday, I need to order via Grab Food, Happy Lemon’s Tiger Milk Tea.

Happy Lemon’s Tiger Milk Tea was such a comfort drink for me! When I got hit by an afternoon slump, Tiger Milk Tea surprisingly extended my energy, uplift my mood, and instantly just made me happy. Was it the tea that they used? Or was it the milk that they used? Because it was a perfect blend! It brightens my day! It relaxes! And it refreshes! I can definitely tell the difference in my mood when I drink Happy Lemon’s Milk Tea, compare to when I do not drink one.

Aside from Tiger Milk Tea, I started to fall in love with other Happy Lemon Milk Tea Flavors.

Trip Jem’s Top 5 Happy Lemon favorites are:

  1. Tiger Milk Tea
  2. Oreo Milk Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese
  3. Strawberry Green Tea with QQ Jelly
  4. Green Tea Latte
  5. Milk Tiger

There were instances when I could not order via Grab Food and I needed to fall in line in Happy Lemon stores. But that was when I saw the difference in the queue. Lines started getting longer. But despite the longer queue, I appreciate Happy Lemon’s quicker serve time. After I got my receipt, in just a few seconds, I already got my milk tea order. Sometimes even if I have 3 or 4 orders, I do not have to wait more than 3 minutes. It’s so fast! Was it the machine they were using? Or the crew was just quick and attentive? But big kudos to the fast and efficient service. We really needed that especially when we only have quicker break time in the office.

Grab has this throwback memory of my orders and they call it #2019withGrab. It read: You satisfied those food cravings 75 times on GrabFood, most frequently from Happy Lemon- Robinsons Place Manila.


That was one evidence of my Happy Lemon milk-tea addiction!

Enter the year 2020, when Happy Lemon launched something new and exciting! Hint: Pika! Pika!

Their Happy Lemon cups turned collectible, and for a limited time, Happy Lemon would have Pokemon character designs in their cups! How cool and cute was that? It totally hit the spot because Pokemon matched the yellow cute design of Happy Lemon. Pika! Pika!

But wait, there’s more!

Happy Lemon launched a contest were in you need to collect and complete the Happy Lemon Pokemon cups, take a picture of you together with the 9 cups and upload your entry on FB and Instagram, tagging their official Happy Lemon FB and Instagram Page with hashtag #CatchHappiness

That’s an exciting promo with an exciting prize! Because the winner will get a chance to win Nintendo Switch Lite! Contest starts from January 17 to February 28, 2020. The winner will be announced on March 06, 2020.

The first time I heard the contest, the Happy Lemon fan in me was quickly determined to join, and even if I did not make it as winner, it will still be an enjoyable memory for me, as I said I always order Happy Lemon Milk Tea every single work day, and coincidentally a contest was introduced during this Happy Lemon craze of mine!


I also love editing pictures, so this contest is a creative boost for me.

It was timely also, because the Nintendo switch game, Pokemon Sword and Shield was launched last November 2019, and up to now, it was still booming in sales and game updates! Hopefully, I would be able to make a game review and game streaming of Pokemon Sword and Shield too.

Right now, I am visualizing myself wearing Pokemon pajamas with Pikachu Gaming Headset, playing Pokemon Sword and Shield, in the comfort of our couch while drinking Happy Lemon Milk Tea with Pokemon collectible cups, and Pokemon Nendoroids on my table.

But for now I got this with me!

Update: Aside from the Pokemon collectible cups, a few days ago Happy Lemon PH launched their limited edition Happy Lemon Tumblers with 3 new flavors: Oreo Slam, Jiggle Puff Cream, and Thunder Lemon. I got to try the Oreo Slam. And boy, it is yum! It’s full of oreo and I felt like the size of the tumbler is much larger than their jumbo cups.

To end this blog post, I think there’s this realization here in terms of business success. Happy Lemon Philippines launched its business way back, but for me it only became a massive hit starting last year. The realization here is maybe you are not yet on top, or maybe you are just starting, or maybe the success is slow for you, but for sure, success will come to you. As long as you continue growing, evolving, be loving and be passionate about what you are doing. Enjoy the process!

Thank you Happy Lemon for the inspiration and for satisfying my milk tea cravings!

Thank you for reading!

Happy Lemon Promo Mechanics:

Hey, Pokemon Trainers! Your favorite Pokemon characters are coming to Happy Lemon. Get your eyes on the prize and collect ’em all for a chance to WIN a Nintendo Switch Lite!


  1. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @happylemon_ph
  2. Collect all nine (9) cup designs starting January 17, 2020
  3. Take a photo of you together with the nine (9) cups. You can be as creative as you want! 🙂
  4. Upload your photo entry tagging Happy Lemon Philippines. Your posts must be public and don’t forget to include #CatchHappiness
  5. Register your entry at
  6. Submission of entries until February 28, 2020. One (1) winner will be picked and gets a Nintendo Switch Lite!

Winner will be announced on March 06, 2020. Good luck! 😉

credit: Happy Lemon Philippines

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