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Sibyullee Unlimited Korean BBQ at Greenhills

If you noticed, our blog Trip Jem featured a number of Samgyeupsal Restaurants from dine-in to even Samgyeupsal delivery. And every Samgyeupsal restaurants always surprised us with something new, whether it’s their meat, their side dishes, or even the exhaust that they installed. In this food review, let’s discover another Samgyeupsal Restaurant: Sibyullee Unlimited Korean BBQ in Greenhills, and what this restaurant have in store for us!


Prior to going to malls, or while in the car on the way to our destination, we always made it a point to research ahead, either for the best or the newest restaurants in that location. We found out about Sibyullee, and it is located in Promenade Greenhills.



When we first entered, the indoor plants caught my eye. Matched with high ceiling, brown interior, and warm shades of light, I initially questioned, was this really a samgyeupsal restaurant? It gave such a clean, warm relaxing vibe, away from the usual industrial interior were all exhaust pipes were exposed.


We were served lettuce, kimchi, pickled radish, mashed sweet potato, vegetable salad, and vegetable pancake.


Aside from those mentioned above, we were served steamed egg! Those side dishes pretty much helps with the balance of flavors. When you ordered meat that is quite spicy, then you could counter the spice by eating the steamed egg, or the mashed sweet potato, or the pancake. When you ordered meat that only has salt and pepper flavors, then you could enhance it by adding kimchi or pickled radish. Go experiment with your side dishes!

In just a few minutes, our 5 orders of meat were served. See that rectangular plates, towering at the center?


We like that the slices of the meat were thin. That way, it would be quicker to grill.


The two staple in Samgyeupsal were both present in Sibyullee: rice and melted cheese!


Sibyullee’s clear broth soup taste unique for me. All I just put in mind is it’s healthy and it’s to cleanse the palate for all the meat we need to savor that day.



As always, I enjoy wrapping the meat, and rice, and other side dishes inside my lettuce. Once wrapped and rolled, I dipped it in my sesame oil with salt. There are other usual sauce served (forgot to take a photo though)


Other ready to eat dishes were worth mentioning too, like this Beef Bulgogi Gimbap.


Worth mentioning also is this Soy Garlic Korean Fried Chicken with pickled white radish.

I was always curious why this one k-drama had this scene were they get buckets of korean chicken and they could finish 10 or more of it in one sitting. I wonder what it taste like, and now I knew.


This Spicy Korean Fried Chicken is the bomb. It’s my favorite. I am a spicy lover, but there’s more to the spice. I’ll be coming back for this spicy korean fried chicken alone. Hope, Sibyullee made a chicken bucket promo, because I could not stop thinking about it.



There’s a free dessert for us in Sibyullee! This restaurant knows how to satisfy korean cravings from start to finish.

No picture though, but they provide fragrance spray, so you won’t leave smelling like your meal. Yes, that’s the problem in most Samgyeupsal Restaurants. What if you have another meeting to attend to, and you have to smell clean at least? Sibyullee got you with this! That probably the reason why, when I first entered the restaurant, it didn’t smell smoke that much. For sure the fragrance spray, the high ceiling, and the indoor plants pretty much helps. I appreciate those with Sibyullee and that for sure raise the bar!


By the way, our favorite among those meats is Marinated Beef Bulgogi.


We enjoyed our lunch in Sibyullee Greenhills!


Thank you for reading!

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