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Diner’s Cafe in Tondo, for all your burger, milk tea, and pasta cravings!

I’m gonna blog this one little cafe today, *burp* I’m still dreaming about the carbonara I tasted from this little food gem in Tondo, Diner’s Cafe.

So to start with, how do I discover this little cafe?

Allow me to share a little story first. Last May 10, Mother’s Day, I wanted to surprise my mom with something “sweet!”

The day before that, I ordered Conti’s Ube Custard Cake via one local delivery service. Sadly, I was informed the following day, that the particular cake I ordered was not available for delivery, only for pick up only.

I was unlucky that time, because prior to that I also wanted to order Big Scoop : Avocado, Ube, and Macapuno, but all flavors weren’t available too.

Grab, Lalafood, and other delivery services were super busy that time, but let’s understand the longer waiting time as drivers still have to obey ECQ protocols (social distancing and all stricter rules) due to Covid-19 issue.

So I searched on Facebook, little cafe near our place in Tondo Manila, for less hassle and much quicker delivery.

For easier searching, do mention the following hashtag whichever is applicable. In my case the following helped a lot in my search: #Tondo #Delivery #Pasabuy #Burger #MilkTea #Pasta

And there, I saw Diner’s Cafe’s Facebook page.

It’s always helpful for me first to browse on reviews and pictures before I order. And I saw one review saying their burger’s patty tasted like 8-Cuts Burger.

8-cuts was our family’s favorite! When I read that, automatically, and without further ado, I ordered Diner’s Double Down Burger!

And boy, their thick double patties are just to die for. It’s an explosion of savory, just how I wanted my burger patty to taste.

Other burgers on popular food chains taste very dry and lacking in flavor. Other burgers may look big or instagrammable but not so much with the taste. Other burgers just seem to hide the dull, smokey taste of patty with lots of mayonnaise and cheese and ketchup.

But this Diner’s Cafe Double Down is the bomb, simply beating other burgers all together.

That Mother’s Day dinner,I ordered two burgers because I thought the size was just enough for us, but surprisingly, the serving was huge.

We sliced one of the two burgers. Half for me. Half for my mom. And the other burger, we kept in the refrigerator for our meal the following day.

A lot of food’s flavor doesn’t last a day, after being refrigerated and reheated. But Diner Cafe’s burger was still so good and tasty the following day. Huge thumbs up for that!

That mother’s day, I also ordered their two best-seller milk tea:

1. Okinawa Milk Tea with Pearls

2. Dark chocolate with Cheesecake Milk Tea with Pearl

I say the Okinawa go best with the burger because the tea flavor seemed to cleansed the palate better.

But Dark Chocolate with Cheesecake Milk Tea is something worth ordering too. It seems to be a dessert drink for me. Some drink, you’ll enjoy to be drinking alone without other meal aside.

Tip: Milk Tea with cream cheese taste a lot better when slightly frozen, but maybe skip those pearls and crystals though as those add-ons will be slightly harder to chew when frozen though.

Because their burger and milk tea was just so good, I ordered again and again, and tried out their other dishes too

Here comes another winning dish: Diner’s Cafe’s carbonara!

This is the best carbonara I tasted so far. Other carbonara I tasted are just average. It’s creamy and flavorful and they don’t skimp on the bacon.

My cousin likes it too.

My niece likes it and even adored the two toasted bread on top.

And whatelse can I say? Well, that’s another huge serving right there! Maybe the picture did not do justice to prove how huge their carbonara serving is for the price. But when you ordered too, and toss the pasta, you’ll know.

Dreaming about this creamy carbonara while writing here. *sigh, craving anxiety*

This is my mom’s fave. Diner’s Cafe Tacos.

There include taco, shredded lettuce, cucumber( is it?), tomatoes, meat, onion, and their special sauce that combine the flavors all together. Huge serving again! And quite light and healthy too as there are mix of reds and greens. I saw (on their facebook page) a variety of their taco where they add in carrots, corn and green peas, too.

Next, they also have Diner’s Cafe Bacheelog!

I wonder why….. It’s just rice, bacon, egg, and that special sauce. But I kept on ordering this bacheelog rice meal every dinner time. It’s quite addicting!!!!

Diner’s cafe was sweet to remind me that one of their Saturdays was Lasagna Day. It’s not always available so make sure to message the restaurant and asked when will it be available again.

Tried both their big coated fries and curly fries too. Tasted better than the fries of one famous local food chain. It’s a side dish when your ordered their burger. But you could order their fries separately.

They got Teriyaki chicken wings too as good complement to your burger, or maybe to your bacheelog too.

Who would have thought I’ll enjoy their colorful fruit tea drinks too. One is Lychee, the other is Green Apple. Taste great with Nata Crystals add-on.

If their menu was a bingo, I, for sure, hit the jackpot!!! because, I ordered almost all their meals, and I felt satisifed and looking forward every time.

They also got pizza (but it’s not available at this time)

Thank you Diner’s Cafe. Payment was easy via G-cash. Delivery was fast. My order was taken via Messenger quickly, and they gave order updates from time to time too.

You are on a top spot among other local cafe for me. Above all, thanks for satisfying my food cravings every single time!

For more info visit their facebook page:


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