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UNBOXING: Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition

A few weeks ago we posted on our Facebook page, a teaser “unboxing soon” photo of our Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition.

Finally, today is unboxing day!

Watch: Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition Unboxing

Thanks to Gameline PH for the prompt emails (as well as text messages), updating us of our order, payment, and delivery.

Prior to Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) here in the PH, we already pre-ordered for Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition last February 2020, and it was expected to arrive on April 2020. But delays were already expected given the logistics and shipping difficulties all over the world.

But good job Gameline PH! Such an excellent and personalized customer service, we experienced from a gaming store during this time of crisis.

It was the first time we ordered limited collection item in Gameline PH and given the positive personalized experience we got, that gaming store will definitely top our list for our future orders.

When our order was delivered, it was neatly covered in bubble wrap…

..and stickered with “fragile” yellow tape as seen on the first photo, aside from the “fragile” red-colored printed in the box.

Owning a Cloud Strife action figure is definitely a dream, but owning Hardy – Daytona motorcycle together with Cloud Strife, now that seem to level up our collector goals from not only a collecting a main character figure, but also collecting another iconic item that relates to the main character.

So before we proceed with that main highlight, let’s look at all the other collectible items included in this big box of Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition

Eco Bag

If we pick this up in the store, the box would probably be inside this big eco bag, but during ECQ, stores are closed, and our option is to request it to be delivered.

If you noticed ‘Shinra Electric Power Company’ printed in the eco bag. A little tidbit: it’s an electric company inside the world of Final Fantasy VII, also called Shin-Ra. Hey, if some cool guy is creating a miniature structure of the world of Final Fantasy VII, do let us know!

Bundle in this black box are the following: deluxe edition game package CD, mini-soundtrack CD, steelbook, and hardback art book

Deluxe Edition Game Package

If you notice there are two disc: the data disc and the play disc.

We need to install first using the data disc (white disc). After that, we may now play the game using the play disc (black disc)

We also got Summon Materia DLC: Chocobo Chick

Mini Soundtrack-CD

Good thing we got our external CD/DVD drive to be able to play this type of CD! Nowadays, laptop and PC has no cd or dvd player anymore.


This steelbook definitely complements the Sephiroth action figure we previously unboxed HERE

Hardback Art Book

We began to be a fan of Art Book when we saw how stunning a collector’s item an Art Book is, and how a real keeper it is. That started when we purchased our Kakarot Z Collector’s Edition item, were there was also an Art Book included. You may also see the unboxing video HERE

And here come’s the highlight, the unboxing of…

Cloud Strife and Hardy-Daytona

The big black box, thankfully got no scratches on the side, with the help of that thick black foam they placed in the corner.

Would it be an awesome challenge if Hardy-Daytona here is made to be built too, much like how you build a gundam or zoids?

But if you are not a fan of building action figure models like gundam or zoids, then fret not, as this action figure only has Cloud’s hands to assemble, and some joints to add behind Cloud’s back for his sword.

Hardy-Daytona finally unboxed!

Hardy-Daytona: view from above

Hardy-Daytona: View from the front with Cloud Strife

Hardy-Daytona: View from the side, with Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition

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36 thoughts on “UNBOXING: Final Fantasy VII Remake 1st Class Edition

    1. Thank you for sharing. I’m sure your brother would find it cool too! 😎

  1. I noticed the details especially on the hair and face. I laud makers like this of the sheer talent and effort they spend on creating such one. This reminded me too of my cousin who is once a toy collector too, Gundam models are his choice. I see his eyes sparkles from unboxing and setting up of the toy model. I do did tried following the steps and is quite tricky since I am not that fond of.

    1. At first you’ll find it complicated, but gundam building is quite easy and satisfying once you finish building it!

  2. wow! such a collector item! im sure its pretty expensive ano? me ps4 game pa, natapos mo na sya laruin? maganda ba? meron yung brother ko di ko alam if he finished this game na hehe

    1. Not yet. I wanted to play this game together with my boyfriend as it’s more fun, than playing it solo! Unfortunately, were on different region, and the lockdown made us in LDR mode. Hehe but will probably meet soonest and play this game!

      And for the price? It’s actually pretty sulit na for the price cos the action figure is quality, and there are a lot of items inside too!

  3. Wow this is sooo cool! I used to play final fantasy in my playstation 1 when i was a kid. The details on the figure is spot on!

    1. A lot of people has a memory of final fantasy whether it be in a game or in a movie. That’s why this is such an iconic figure to collect 😊

    1. For sure he’ll love this! As this is one of the most awaited game for gamers!

    1. And probably the best there is yet for final fantasy. There are a lot of final fantasy collection items out already, actually way back from the first installment. And they improved the quality of their action figures every time!

  4. My boyfriend loves playing PS4 and this is one of those editions that he wants to have. He says it is expensive. From those photos, I think the quality is great. Am I right? ❤

    1. Enjoyed making gif these days! Hehe

      Details are super spot on, I must say. Wish they’d do it in all other characters of FF

  5. That’s a nice package especially if you are collecting those items. I am not really into toys and I am not collecting anything right now. But, I’m glad that you found your hobby that gives you joy…:)

    1. The joy of collecting we could not explain clearly to those who dont collect! But its like someone who loves makeup and keeps on collecting shades of lipstick! Or its like collecting travel items and keeps on adding magnets to their ref! That kind of feels but on a different category 😊

  6. This is straight out of every Final Fantasy lover’s dream! I am not a fan myself, and I could only imagine the joy of opening such precious packages as this, but I’m sure anyone who loves Final Fantasy and read this article can find it satisfying, and informative, too!

    1. Real joy for sure! Actually, shipping was delayed for two months due to the covid-19 issue so we waited quite a while!

  7. I am loving the details on that action figure. I now get how satisfying it is just to even look at. Not a fan of video games really, but I’m for sure impressed withe everything on that package. Enjoy itt okieee!!

    1. Once you’ll own a collection item you really wanted and adore, it’s quite addicting and you cant seem to stop especially if it got this detailed quality!

  8. enjoy gaming!!! plus this being a collector’s item must be very precious for you. good to know about the delivery din kahit naabutan ng lockdown.

  9. That is a super cool toy! I watch Final Fantasy and I love the series. Any news if there will be another Final Fantasy movie?

    1. Sorry I couldnt answer that as I am more updated into gaming than the movies but that got me curious now too!

    1. Boys even when they grew up, these seem to be really their big toys, and brings out the inner kid in them. 😊

    1. I also hope so too! There are games that are only exclusive for a particular console such as this one!

  10. Glad your order arrived despite the current situation. Enjoy your new game! 😀

    1. Pre-order waiting time takes about 2 months plus the ECQ, it sure is a long wait for us, as it is really a highly anticipated game!

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