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K-Drama Review: The Girl Who See Scents / Sensory Couple

I got motivated in writing a blog review about this 2015 K-drama series The Girl Who See Scents / Sensory Couple, mainly because I got hit by a last song syndrome with the series’ official soundtrack: Spring is Gone by Chance by Loco & Yuju.

Out of the blue, one morning, I wrote the korean lyrics in a little paper note.

And then all of a sudden, I just saw myself recording a song cover of it. 

I made a cover of the song here in my Youtube:

Sometimes, the best memories are the ones you just thought of all of sudden, and without further question nor overthinking, you just DO it. 


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NOTE: Spoiler Alert (mild only)


The Girl Who See Scents, despite it being a light detective story, focus more on the weird abilities of the two main characters brought about by the accident that happened to both of them in the past, and how these two main characters helped each other using this weird abilities.

Because of one accident, the girl main character saw scents with her eyes. But how did the series portray that weird ability?

In the series, to depict that she really “SEE” scents, they put animation of colorful particles dripping or falling like thin dusts, like when Tinkerbell sprinkle pixie dust, but here it shows different color or cute art element (sometimes flower, sometimes stars)
How fun it is to be able to see scents? I imagine, what if I am one of the amateur chef contestant in Master Chef Australia, and there’s a mystery box full of ingredients, and you only have 30 minutes to prepare an spectacular dish for the three judges, using those surprise / mystery ingredients.

What if in this cooking competition, I have that weird ability of the main girl character in The Girl Who See Scents? that would win me an immunity pin for sure!

But in this series, it did not only show scents of food, the girl see scents of leather, clothes from the locker, and even dead bodies dropped from the ocean. That’s why she helped a lot (though on a weird different level) in solving detective cases in the series.

I’m sure all the actors, the script writer and the director had so much fun doing the scenes! They even got this scene were they challenge the girl main character in a variety of guessing game, like in one scene, the main actor hid an item and the girl had to guess were the item was from the three cups. Such a simple challenge but they made a fun twist, by pinching the nose of the actress with a clothespin, or she had to hide a few distance first before she could guess. Too many quirky challenges, they even show a scene in Running Man too!

The girl main character’s dream in the series was to be a comedy theater actress. For me, she is such beautiful and feminine lady to portray a comedy stint, but she pull it off! Not forced unlike other comedy stints, were she has to make ugly faces, or throw ugly offensive lines, for the sake of comedy.

This is what I love about Korean drama series, they make everything beautiful and classy. The main actress, Shin Se Kyung didn’t have to wear sleeveless clothes. I noticed she always wear long sleeve or cardigan, and jeans or long pants. Never did I see plunging necklines, short shorts in this series, but she got that sexy vibe in her, that matches the equally cool charm of the main actor, Park Yoo Chun. 

Because of one accident, the guy main character, portrayed by Park Yoo Chun, in the series lost his sense of taste. There was a scene were he was in a convenience store for a few days, monitoring and waiting for one suspect in a criminal case. To be able to conquer his sleepiness, he ate cups and cups of spicy instant noodles. The cashier in the convenience store, was astounded by how the guy main character did not seem to get bothered by the spiciness of the instant noodles. The girl cashier then served him cups after cups of hot coffee. And surprisingly, the guy drank the cup of super hot coffee straight up! There was one scene, when he brought the girl main character in a Samgyeupsal restaurant, and he faked that he knows the taste of the each dish, acting that it really taste good. 

I cannot imagine myself, losing my sense of taste.  Honestly, if it happened in one person for real, it’s quite depressing. But this series shows that you don’t have to focus on your imperfections or your disability to continue with life and be happy.

For instance, the main actor’s goal is to find justice for the murder of his young sister. From a scuba diver, he suddenly changed his career to a junior police, hoping to reach his top goal to be a detective to solve the mystery case (the barcode case).

He was bullied for the lack of police experience by his colleague. He was simple-minded and innocent, and because he was just driven by his main goal, he went to work every single day without a clear plan, causing him to be beaten, and bruised by the criminal offenders or suspect. But he was persistent. He never gave up. One detective then saw the potential within him, and hired him on his team. 

The girl main character was bullied by her colleague too, and they made her ran errands (buying them snacks, asking her to drive their car) far from the work she was hired to. But because the girl did not mind and her primary goal is to be a comedy theater actress, she obeyed her superiors and just amp her camaraderie and learn to just be helpful. 

If you are a persistent person, you seem to attract equally persistent person too. And so they met, and they never fail to help each other reach their primary goals, and their #couplegoals too!

It’s a light, feel-good romantic comedy series, but it teaches and reiterates values, people seem to forget these days. 


Sorry Song Joong Ki, Jung Hae In, Gong Yoo, Lee Jong Suk, and Lee Min Ho fans. I already watched their popular series, but recently I watched Park Yoo Chun and there’s something different about him. At first, I deny his undeniable charm in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, because the flower boy, Song Joong Ki is right there, and Yoo Ah In’s cool charm’s right there too.

But Park Yoo Chun, got no jawline to emphasize, nor he doesn’t need to show his abs to portray sexy roles.  For me, he’s got the natural charm and humor in him, and acting gentleman-like who never forget chivalry, in almost all his roles, looked quite effortless for him.


I wanted to emphasize more sides of the k-drama , from the minor areas such as their beautiful makeup and their clean modern green-y environment where they shoot their scenes, but more on that, hopefully on next blogpost. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!

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