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Food Review: Kalye Beef Bake by Kalye Unli Grill, Cainta

Kalye Unli Grill has been our go-to unli restaurant in Cainta, for it’s price, and for it’s unique streetfood and Filipino buffet spread. Now, when I saw on their Facebook, that they’re also offering something cheesy, something beefy, and something baked. I said to myself, I’m gonna try this, that’s for sure!

Baked sushi is the best invention ever for some, but to me, it’s kinda overpriced and mushy for my liking. But this Kalye Unli Grill offering of Kalye Beef Bake hit the spot for me, and I maybe craving this for days and months!

And the best part? The Kalye Beef Bake tray comes with Kimchi and Lettuce.

Kimchi and lettuce, has been our bagoong and suka for me. It’s such a food staple that my week could not be any more satisfactory without the two.

Another thing I love about this is the generous serving of beef and cheese! And the amount of rice below was just right! Less amount of carbs but more amount of the good stuff! Good job on that, Kalye Unli Grill.

If you are not a fan of the spice though, be careful with the Kimchi! I’m a fan of extra spicy! But this Kalye Unli Grill’s kimchi got that strong spicy taste, that Samyang lovers like me would adore very much!

Aside from the heat of kimchi, it’s peppery, and you could still see the large chili seeds inside. If you are not into spice, you can opt to just eat the baked beef tray. But that samgyuepsal experience in a tray wouldn’t be complete without kimchi, you know!

This small Kalye Beef Bake is only 348 pesos. I ordered via viber : 0927-8688835. Their available mode of payment is via Gcash, BDO Transfer, or Cash payment.

Visit their FB Page for more info:


Been on and off writing here in Trip Jem, but restaurants like this give inspiration, reminding me about what I love doing, writing, eating, and discovering all that’s new. Art is also one! And hoping to integrate it soon soon, soon! But for now, writing for me, is the quicker way to share, and such a mood booster.

Hey, Kalye Unli Grill and all other restaurants or even start-ups, keep creating, inspiring and sharing to the Filipino community,your good food!


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