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J. CO Donuts : J-Pops

If we are friends on facebook, you’ll know that I keep on posting how much I love Master Chef Australia! Now there’s this one episode that caught my attention because of how cute and colorful they spread this little cubes on the long table.

It’s a blind taste test challenge of Season 12 Episode 48 of Master Chef Australia. The contestants who were blindfolded, needed to guess those little cute cubes, if it’s brocolli, beef, chicken, starfruit, beetroot, etc.

Those little cubes reminded me of Hershey’s Pot of Gold. I couldn’t remove in my memory how much I love this one flavor where the chocolate cover is beautifully thin, and when you start to bite it, there’s this oozing berry flavor inside.

I couldn’t find it nowadays though so I looked for some sweet alternative!

J. CO Donuts : J-Pops is so cute!

Aside from that, I love the texture of this mini donuts too. It’s soft and bite sized. It’s a sampler for all your J. CO Donut faves!
I haven’t tried heating it yet in an oven, but for sure it will taste much better, a lil hot and crisp!

Beware though if you find some flavors, too sweet. There’s always coffee as remedy!

One thing, I learned from Master Chef Australia and some of the e-books I read these days. It’s the balance of flavors. Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, and Astringent in one meal. Food should be balance in those five flavors, apart from it being delicious. Desserts could also provide that. Sweet of chocolate. Bitter of Matcha. Sour of Raspberry. Astringent of Apple. Salty of Salted Caramel.

Good that there’s J. CO Donuts J-Pops to experiment on those flavor balance!


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