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Unbox : Sword Art Online Asuna Ordinal Scale ver. & Yui (Nendoroid 750c)

As much as possible I wanted to be surrounded with everything nice. All the cute stuff. And away from the old stuff. I wanted the latest and the most functional. If not functional, the most artistic. But life is not about rainbows and all in life that you wanted, couldn’t always be in your favor. So I’m counting my blessings, and unboxing this little toys I got, which brings me smile, art inspiration, and even tidying motivation. By tidying, ala konmari, just keeping only what sparks joy for you, and just ditch and discard the rest of those, dulling your days.

Joseph being thoughtful, quickly set up a PC Laptop workspace for me, and when I saw that Tamiya cutting mat, I immediately thought of unboxing.

Here’s some random photos of Sword Art Online Asuna Ordinal Scale ver. & Yui (Nendoroid 750c) This we bought in one toy event in SM Mall of Asia. I became an instant fan of Nendoroid, because first, the box is so cute. The way it was presented, all the parts and pieces are neatly placed, the details of the face are better than Pop for me, and there’s playset also. There’s a lot of art potential in this. I can make this is a basic model figure, and draw inspiration from it.

Here’s my unboxing video below! I love unboxing videos because it’s pretty neat. Much like how you perfect your cooking technique and plating. There’s something about unboxing that relaxes you. Apologies though, as the video sound is not clear. . But I could not mute it because I wanted for you to hear all that little sound of me opening the box, that clicking sound when I push each toy pieces together.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog, and watched the unboxing video!

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