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Trip Jem Food Review : Panda Express

Chinese Food is very close to my heart, eversince I was a child. I always love chinese noodles, more than spaghetti or carbonara, during my birthday celebration! Today, is no special occasion, but I decided to seize every single day with good food.

Now, I’m gonna share with you our food story of Panda Express Chinese Kitchen!

We got our food delivered via Grab Food. And this Panda Express is located in SM Megamall. Thanks to long distance delivery of Grab, any of your food cravings is possible nowadays. I heard there was such a long queue back then, because this restaurant’s famous abroad.

This packaging reminds me of rice-in-a-box packaging. But I love the color bright red and white, as it really give that street chinese food vibe!

Instead of rice, what’s inside is their famous Orange Chicken!

We ordered their Bigger Plate which include : Orange Chicken, Savory Shrimp, Beijing Beef, Chow Mein, and Fried Rice.

I’m only almost 5 feet girl, but I can eat all these! I’m heavy eater since I was a kid, but now I can feel my metabolism slowing down, as I am overweight averaging to 58 kgs heavy for my height.

Minding my weight these days, I had to exercise intensely, to be able to devour this good food!

So what’s my trick to finishing all these?

First, I ate the Chow Mein first. It got the combination taste of oyster, soy, celery and onion, but it got a lighter taste for me. So I pick it up as my first dish.

Second, I ate the Orange Chicken.

I don’t eat the meat dishes with rice, to be able to enjoy the flavor. That’s one trick!

I don’t know why but I tried Orange Chicken before, but it taste like tangy chocolate for me. But don’t get me wrong, I love it’s unique tase

This Orange Chiken by Panda Express, taste sweet but it’s lighter than the one I tasted before

Based on my food experience, I guess I’ve been eating stronger flavors, which maybe at the right flavor balance for you, but a lighter flavor balance for me.

Third, I ate the Beijing Beef. Oh this one got the strongest flavor of ’em all. You gotta have complete set of teeth for this. laughs* I guess it has to be thick and chewy to be able to compensate its marinated flavor and the stronger flavor of bell peppers.

Fourth, I ate the Savory Shrimp. This one I was wrong with the sequence. I should have put it after my Chow Mein. When I ate the Beijing Beef, I wanted to have a lighter meal after, but the Savory Shrimp got the strong flavor of bell pepper too!

Fifth and last meal is the fried rice. This is our usual fried rice, that we eat from regular chinese restaurants. I make it the last meal, and I eat it separately to clean my palate and to dry up the strong sensation of meat.

This meal is very protein loaded, and if your diet is more of highprotein, then this one’s for you. You just got to find your sequence of eating the dish to be able to enjoy this rich meal!

Joseph kept on saying this Fortune Cookie taste like Mari he ate during childhood. I am not familiar with that Mari, but this fortune cookie is heaven to my tastebuds lingering for dessert. This is the simple but perfect dessert for this meal. Small, light and dry. Plus, it got quotes inside too. What’s our fortune, little cookie?

From unpacking the dish to looking inside our fortune cookie, Panda Express gave us a Chinese food experience, that’s worth my art journal!

Thank you for reading!

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