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List of Exercises for Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure : Yoga, Core, Legs, Arms, Jog

I’ve been exercising with Ring Fit Adventure since March 2020. When the pandemic hit, Ring Fit Adventure has been my go-to exercise!

I was very Serious About Fitness, as my tagname stated on the above pic. I always made it a point to reach the maximum calories burned of 999.99 calories, reaching the distance of almost 30 miles, with almost 2 hours time of exercising. Every single day!

Actually the actual time of workout leave me to around 3 to 4 hours because Ring Fit Adventure won’t count your rest in between.

So how do I reached that max?

By Jogging via Ring Fit Adventure! It’s the easiest, than all the resistance exercises, plus the video visuals is stunning and relaxing too!

From 58.3 kgs to 54.20 kgs, and eventually 53 kgs, I did it with Ring Fit Adventure!

There’s a certain confidence boost to weight loss!

But I suffer the consequence from reaching the max 999.99 calories burned, it took a toll on my knees and feet. It’s quite painful that simply going up the stairs is excruciating. Even if I combine it with warm up and cool down Yoga, it still hurt. So I stop for months, and I was back at 58 kgs. again.

I did not do any Ring Fit Adventure, and just do a Fat Burner Yoga (from a mobile app) and 30 minute jog in a threadmill. I don’t have all the time in the world, as I have my day job also, so this routine is something I can only manage. But the problem with this current routine, is it’s not intense! I’m just maintaining my weight, although I kept on doing it, because it truly helps with my dysmenorrhea.

I decided yesterday to go back to Ring Fit Adventure, and try a different approach: by performing all the resistance exercises below:

With this new workout routine, I’d be posting my Ring Fit Adventure experience in this blog! Hopefully, I’d be able to manage it, lose some weight again, and be a source of fitspiration!

Thank you for reading!

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