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Trip Jem : Ippudo Food Story (delivery version)

I can eat 10 boxes of Ippudo Pork Buns, because it’s fluffy and savory delicious!  How can you say no to Braised Pork on a fresh Bun! Writing this makes me want to order another bao bun box! If ramen is the highlight in Ippudo, I’m gonna choose Ippudo’s Pork Bun, as their star dish! But, hey, their ramen is delish~ as well! We ordered two kinds of ramen, two kinds of bun, and chicken karaage. I’m gonna share more about my Ippudo Food Story, delivery version here!

Let’s start with my new fave, Ippudo Pork Buns

The Ippudo Pork Bun is neatly packed in this long box.

I love that there were dividers, so this Ippudo Pork Buns would stay fluffy and pretty inside!

Excuse my oily hands here, as I was unpacking the sauces for the ramen too!

I find it cute (anime-like), eating this Ippudo Pork Bun with both hands! The buns maybe similar to our usual siopao, but no! There’s something about this bun, that’s fresh tasting, soft, and smooth, and fluffy, a perfect combination to the oozing savory taste of Braised Pork inside.

I remembered this 2020 Junior Master Chef Australia kid named Ben. He cooked Bao Buns for the judges, and he said it’s a hundred times better that what he tasted in Albury. Judges love it! And I too, even if was just watching the kid cook his dish, I was impressed and was salivating. From then on, I cannot keep my mind of Bao Buns. By the way, Bao and Buns are the same thing, but I cannot keep myself from saying bao buns! Even the word bao bun, is cute too!

Ippudo, this is heaven sent. I brought two boxes for my dear mom, and she love it too!


You can also try this Chicken Bun so you could compare the taste, but my meat preference is the pork!

Next food dish is the Tokusei Tantanmen. Ramen Tantanmen is already a familiar flavor to me. I usually pick the spiciest ramen in a restaurant, to challenge my spicy tolerant tastebuds.

But look at the presentation of Ippudo’s Ramen for their Tokusei Tantanmen. This is delivered, take note, but we felt that we’re dining in a restaurant! So neat!

For the little DIY part, here’s the tonkotsu broth being poured! I had to document it though, before the soup flood the beautiful ingredients.

There’s a lot of soup as you can see, and it’s creamy!

To balance the creamy texture, we top it with the final and signature Tantanmen Oil.

I find it on the creamier side, so I might request for additional Tantanmen Oil to balance it more, and for 2x spicy kick too. For those new to Tantanmen, there’s a spiciness and sweetness hiding to the ground pork too, so make sure you mix it very well.

Next food dish is the Ippudo Shoyu Tonkotsu.

Sorry, I got no picture with broth in it.

I prefer this Shoyu Tonkotsu compared to Tantanmen, as this one’s lighter and not as creamy. The garlic chips and chasu floss seemed to balance it perfectly. If you are on a diet (like me a frustrated dieter, who still eats a lot:P) And you wanted to still enjoy ramen, then I guess this one’s for you.

If there’s something I’d like to request to Ippudo. It’s the choices of noodles for delivery. I prefer thin noodles, for thick and creamy broth!

Our last dish is Ippudo Nanban Karaage.

When we went to Osaka, Japan, Karaage was our go-to snack. It’s like every street, there a chicken karaage food stall. This Ippudo Nanban Karaage is the lighter version of the ones we tasted in Japan. Nice and lite too, again if you’re on a diet 😉

Here is my Ippudo Food Art Journal ^_^

That it for our Ippudo Food Trip, delivery version!

Thank you for reading!

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