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Trip Jem : Blake’s Wings and Steaks Food Story (Delivery Version)

I was searching for a salmon dish, one dinner, when I saw Blake’s Wings and Steaks in the Grab App.

They were offering Cheesy Baked Salmon with sides : rice and corn carrots.

Blake’s Wings and Steaks’ special cream sauce for their salmon, made me repeat ordering this dish again. It’s such a treat!

The salmon chunk is quite thick that I was thinking, maybe I can skip the rice too, and enjoy just the salmon with the corn and carrots.

They also got one salmon dish which I forgot to take a pic. It’s their Salmon with Mango Salsa. The dish was made juicy, due to the salsa included, but it suit just right!

If there’s a choice in their menu, I would have wanted the Cheesy Baked Salmon, with mango salsa and corn and carrots as sides.

Next dish is their Porterhouse Steak. As you can see in the picture, we got extra pepper mushroom gravy, because it’s the star sauce for us, for this dish. Of course, the steak is also a winner, because it’s tender and big! Again, because of the huge meat serving, I can skip the rice, and eat with the mashed potato and corn and carrots instead. But if you really wanted rice, then their java rice is perfect for this dish!

Kudos to Blake’s Wings and Steaks for serving their dish still warm! Maybe because of their food box too, ‘cos even if the food arrives after maybe 30 to 45 mins, it’s still quite warm . I cannot eat the steak and the gravy when it’s not warm anymore.

We also ordered their Hickory BBQ steak. Not in the pic but we also tried every steak from their menu, but for me, the simplicity of Porterhouse steak, enhanced by the pepper mushroom gravy makes it our fave dish.

Another huge serving is their Dibs on Ribs! Super sulit talaga yung Blake’s Wings and Steaks. Let me tell you, we ate ribs from one popular ribs restaurant the night before, but this from Blake’s, did not disappoint. It has equal parts fat and meat. Love it!

We finished our meal with Mango Juice. So refreshing after a huge meal!

Here is my Blake’s Wings and Steaks Food Art Journal

That’s it for our Blake’s Wings and Steaks Food Trip, delivery version!

Thank you for reading!

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