Art Journal by Trip Jem #12142020 One Piece Luffy – Trip Jem

Art Journal by Trip Jem #12142020 One Piece Luffy

I was thinking about an art that fit my blogpost, last night about steaks and ribs (if you want to read that food blog post, check it out HERE )

Then I remember Luffy of One Piece who loves meat!

I draw Luffy’s red vest, and blue shorts, with his signature straw hat. Then, I put behind the back, one big bone of meat!

I also put a scar on the face, and draw a big smile like Luffy.

For the eyes, I was actually thinking if I’m gonna draw Luffy’s eyes, but it’s quite simple for this girl look, so I retained my usual anime big eyes, and just change the color of the eyes to dark purple.

With her hair, I usually tie my hair that way especially when I am working out. Plus, it’s the easiest braid to tie for me.

There are a lot of art styles to do with this pose, so I will be experimenting with it for days or months too, before I move on to another art pose. But let’s see. I just follow my art intuition. Sometimes, creative ideas pop up, and I just let it flow.

I miss watching the anime One Piece. I ended up watching the episode were Sanji’s low moments was first seen. It was one of the most heartbreaking scenes for me, and I cried literally. It still breaks my heart, just by remembering it.

From that episode, for sure, I’m left with a hundred more episodes, pending to watch. That’s heartbreaking too HAHA. Because right now, priorities are changing, and I still need to learn to manage my time, to enjoy those little pleasures, while keeping on track life at work and personal development.

Right now, my priority is still losing weight, which I’m still struggling. It’s hard for me to look at the weighing scale, cos the weight won’t bulge. Intermittent fasting which usually works, doesn’t work anymore. So how can I still let myself sit in the couch, and continue with my anime marathon, if there’s some serious fitness issue, to prioritize first.

But atleast, I can still draw art as a stress reliever, and share it with all of you guys!

I was posting via my social media FB account, random arts I draw with my Apple Ipad and Pencil.

But I forgot to post here in my own blog.

Blog still pretty much disorganized to my liking, but I’ll take it one step at a time.

So posting it now, here 🙂

For my drawing style, I make sure to just draw from what I remember and with my little imagination. I also am not neat with my sketch, as I wanted to just doodle my ideas quickly (Also with blog, I wanted to blog quickly!). Though, I still aim for perfection, I believe perfection in art takes time. I just have to be consistent by practicing at least every day. I can draw via Adobe Illustrator and Wacom before, using layers and all,  but I prefer the quicker version now using Apple Ipad and Pencil.

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