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Day 1 to 3 : Ring Fit Adventure Workout (Fitness Journal by Trip Jem)

Good evening! 🌃

I’m writing this before I go to sleep ðŸ’Ī

Sharing to you my Ring Fit Adventure Workout Results. 😊

A few months back, I can reach the total calories burned at 999.99 every single day, but I stop exercising on Ring Fit Adventure, and went to try other exercises such as Yoga, Resistance Training, and running on threadmill.

So now, I wanted to regain that endurance of exercising for at least an hour on Ring Fit Adventure again.

Why am I going back to exercising on Ring Fit Adventure? Well, based on my experience, I sure did lose weight from it! I even got my weight down from 58 kgs. to 53 kgs. And I still got pictures of my weighing scale results as a memory.

But my weight, just quickly went back again. One, because I’m not careful with my eating habits. Two, because I also skip exercising. Three, because I do some unnnecessary exercise that build unnecessary muscle on parts were I don’t want muscle (I’m a girl and I’m currently suffering with bulky arms and thighs. That’s a worse area to get combination of fat and muscle. And I’m just almost 5 feet in height, that made me look like a crab ðŸĶ€ðŸ˜†

So going back to my Ring Fit Adventure Results

Day 1

That was my Ring Fit Adventure Workout result on Monday – December 14, 2020

I aimed to reach the 999.99 calories burned, but since I was just starting again, it was hard! Plus, my feet’s starting to hurt despite the 2-inch -foam- heeled Nike rubber shoes which supposedly give me comfort. But no there’s a limit to a feet that’s swollen. First, from too much exercising. And second from too much pain carrying my whole body while I did the exercise! I got a 6 1/2 foot length shoe size. So can you just imagine the body I’m carrying with my tiny feet. Sorry feet! ðŸĪŠ

For December 14 2020, Monday, I weigh 58.90 kgs. Weighing scale is a cause of stress because prior to this, I’ve been exercising. I may have skipped days but exercise has been a part of my routine for a whole year now. But after I stopped doing Ring Fit Adventure, my weight is just averaging to 58-59 kgs.

Day 2

But, weighing scale is one reality, which I need to face. Every morning after I wake up and do my morning cleanse, while waiting for my coffee to cool down a bit from hot to warm, I weigh myself. I take a picture of the weighing scale and then from there, my mood and tone of the day’s most probably depending on it. 😆

For December 15, Tuesday. I still weigh 58.90 kgs. But that won’t stop me from exercising on Ring Fit Adventure. I know based on experience, it should work, by the power of the Ring Fit Goddess!

For December 15, Tuesday workout results on Ring Fit Adventure, I only exercise for 31 minutes, far lesser that my workout on December 14 which is an hour and 39 minutes workout. I knew my body’s still adjusting. And that’s still an improvement!

Day 3

For December 16, Wednesday, I lose weight! Woohoo! Maybe for others, this is just a small 0.30 kgs insignificant weight loss. But for me, it’s an achievement!

For December 16, Wednesday workout results, I decided to workout for atleast 1 hour. I actually exercise for 30 mins in the morning. And then I exercise again at night for another 30 minutes.

Morning workout is the easiest time to workout. While afternoon and evening workout, needed some great willpower! First, because our bodies naturally heavier by that time. Second, you are already drained from the day’s work. Third, most of the time, you just want to rest and end your day relaxing, unwinding.

But, I realized, it maybe difficult to workout in the afternoon or evening, but the stress relief, the workout gives! Combined with a long hot shower. That’s a night routine, you would look forward to every single night!

Another tip to a workout, you would look forward to? Play some upbeat music while exercising! For me, it’s gonna be Kpop’s TWICE playlist!

Check out the video of my workout front area, where my Nintendo switch is connected to our TV. And a music playlist by Twice’s playing on my Ipad Mini.

Look how beautiful it is, this world of Ring Fit Adventure!

Here’s a glimpse of me after workout, looking tired.. but happy 😊

Thanks for reading my Fitness Journal!

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