Day 4 : Ring Fit Adventure (Fitness Journal by Trip Jem) – Trip Jem

Day 4 : Ring Fit Adventure (Fitness Journal by Trip Jem)

As told in my previous post HERE, I weigh 58.60 kgs on my Day 3 of Ring Fit Adventure.

Now here comes Day 4. I woke up, and I’m now 58.40 kgs! Thanks for the 0.20 kg. weight loss, Ring Fit!

This is my Day 4 Ring Fit Adventure Results.

I workout for 30 minutes in the morning. And another 16 minutes at night. Giving me a total 46-minute exercise for today.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I’m still looking like a sack of rice. But if the weighing scale shows there’s improvement, then I have no reason to skip, and continue with this routine everyday.

I may be dreaming of a quicker weight loss. But I realized, success is sweeter when it’s not given to you as quick as you wanted to.

I may not be slim today, this month, or even a year, but I’m still 26 years young! I will get there! No need to hurry, or you’ll look older <- Note-to-self

That’s me today, before I go to sleep. Looking at some reality check, that I still got a lot of fat on my face, and I still have a long way to go. But I should still remember to smile, and to be positive always, and possibly be a source of inspiration to fitseekers too.

Watch the video below. This is how I play with Ring Fit Adventure!

Thanks for reading my Fitness Journal!

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