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Christmas Gift Boxes for Senior Citizens by City Government of Manila under Yorme Isko

My mom, uncle and auntie were up early in the morning, to head to our Barangay here in Tondo. What for? I asked myself. After a few minutes, they came back. And they were each given one box of this beautiful christmas gift packs, especially given to senior citizens!

How elegant looking this box right? Knowing for a fact that this will be distributed to thousands and thousands of Manila senior citizens. Our local government did not skimp on gifts for their citizens!

The only time I remembered someone from the past administration had given us a christmas gift, was during my childhood days!

One former congressman would consistently give brown bag of candies and toys to all kids in our barangay. I still remember those happy memories vividly.

But now, I am more than delighted that the local government were not just thinking about the kids, or the students. They prioritize the happiness also of our dear senior citizens!

Back to gifts for senior citizen..

My cousin assisted them ‘cos not only gift boxes were given! For this Christmas season, senior citizens of Manila were also given 5 kg. of black rice!

How healthy! They carefully take note of what to give to senior citizens. This rice is organically grown too!

Look how cool and crafted!

There’s this white tumbler that’s artful and iconic. That’s Manila City Hall printed in that tumbler in gold accent.

And then there’s this round can of biscuit with greetings “Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon Manileño” #Bagong Maynila.

On the side of the can is something worth noting too as there are pictures of the Museum and other Manila tourist attractions. This reminded me of souvenir biscuit boxes in Disneyland!

For sure this will be gone in no time, ‘cos my 66 year old mother’s kinda fond of biscuit and crackers these days!

Lastly, there’s multiple sachet of premium coffee mix from The Manila Blend. Perfect combination to the biscuit, right!

Here’s a video of the unboxing! I’m equally as excited as my mother too ‘cos this christmas box is definitely instagrammable and worth sharing!

Thank you Mayor Isko Moreno for making a difference to the local government of Manila. 2020 may be a year full of pain and heartache due to the pandemic, but this simple gift, to hopefully ease the pain atleast temporarily, just this simple act to celebrate the Christmas season were all barangays are included, and no citizen is neglected.

There’s cash gift too! Oh, Senior Citizens of Manila are lucky. They even got birthday cakes for their special day too! If only my dad was still alive, for sure he’ll cry tears of joy with this gifts! My dad was very much appreciative like me. Miss you too daddy 😇😊

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