Day 5 and 6 : Ring Fit Adventure (Fitness Journal by Trip Jem – Trip Jem

Day 5 and 6 : Ring Fit Adventure (Fitness Journal by Trip Jem

Day 5

As told in my previous post HERE, I weigh 58.40 kgs. on my Day 4 of Ring Fit Adventure.

Now, my Day 5 weighing scale is giving me instant happiness as I weighed 57.90 kgs! All thanks to my trust to Ring Fit Adventure 😊

I just have to be consistent and work on my Ring Fit exercise every single day. No rest day here! As I’m very strict with this exercise habit now.

After I check my weight each morning, I’d go ahead with my Ring Fit Adventure workout!

For Day 5, I exercised for 45 minutes only and in the morning only. This is unlike my previous workout days, were I break my workout to two sessions: 30 minutes in the morning and, another 30 minutes at night.

Day 6

For Day 6 Ring Fit Adventure workout, I was able to exercise for 1 hour! Thanks for the weekend. In actual, I was actually doing a lot of other stuff, so it took 4 hours actual time to finish this!

Ring Fit Adventure would not count the those seconds when you pause for rest, or when you pause to drink your water, or when you pause to watch some other stuff. It only counts when you move your body together with the Ring Con.

After workout, I weigh 57.70 kgs. Not bad as I was 57.90 kgs. yesterday!

This is me on my Day 6 of workout 👇😊

And this is my front area while exercising with my Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch:

Most of the time though, this is my front area with a bigger screen because I wanted that virtual reality like experience!

That’s it for now!

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