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Samsung Galaxy M51 : Battery is the real beast!

I needed a second phone because the screen of my Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) got broken, which affected the phone’s performance also.

I’m a heavy cellphone user but who’s not nowadays when work-from-home setup is the new normal.

But aside from work, I use smartphone heavily for taking pictures, creating and editing videos, and blogging.

And my old Samsung Galaxy A7’s battery cannot stand long hours of usage. It wouldn’t even last a day that I have to connect my charger multiple times in a day, and most of the time: the rest of the night it has to be charged. Or I’ll be waking up frustrated with a lowbat phone.

So, when I searched for my second phone, I told myself priority # 1 is battery!

That time, when the new Samsung Galaxy M51 was launched in September 2020, it was advertised with a whooping 7000 mAh battery.

5G smartphone was starting to trend that month, but 5G is not my priority then. I needed a phone were I don’t need to charge all the time. And oh, with an excellent camera features too like my old Samsung Galaxy A7.

And so I got it. I have my Samsung Galaxy M51! And having a second phone feels like a breeze! I don’t need to charge for like 2 days at most. Camera and performance feels like my Samsung Galaxy A7 when it was still new, but of course better and fit this year’s smartphone specifications.

I’m also for budget mid-range phones too because I’m not really careful with my smartphone. It won’t last long with me, that’s for sure! As I said, I use it heavily, max its performance and battery until it drops to its low percent. And….. I’m very much prone to getting it screen cracked, scratches on the side. It would easily slip my weak hands!

With this new Samsung Galaxy M51, though it look slim, it’s weight is powerbank-like. It’s heavy but not that uncomfortable for me. Just think about the heaviness of the old nokia cellphone back then.

But be careful though, if you’re like me and you love to lie down while using your smartphone, be careful that the cellphone won’t slip off your hands, and drop on your face. It happened to me. It dropped on my lips. And it hurts! 😁😆 There must really be a heavyduty battery inside. Haha!

I’m also afraid when it fell on the tiled grounds. Parang nasira yung tiles sa lakas ng bagsak at bigat ng phone.

From September to December, my Samsung Galaxy M51 suffered scratches on the side. It fell on the ground around three times already.

I do not want another cracked front screen phone when I just bought it last September.

Finally, I decided to buy my Samsung M51 casing at Lazada.

Watch the video below to see my Samsung Galaxy M51 casing:

One thing I found negative about the Samsung Galaxy M51 is it’s prone to thumbprints. The back side is plastic-y and glossy. I much prefer the back side of my old Samsung Galaxy A7 because it’s glass and it looked more decent.

Going back to my new casing, I love the Samsung Galaxy M51 casing because it added bulk to my slim phone. Its texture is rubbery smooth that’s less prone to fall. And the casing has this extra centimeter raised portion on the side to protect the front screen too, and extra centimeter raised portion on the camera side too. I don’t have plans with buying a tempered glass with this phone yet so this is a plus.

That’s it for now. It’s 12:15 AM now and I’m still awake but sleepy. Time to go to bed!

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