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Art Journal by Trip Jem featuring K-Drama : What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

One Monday evening, I was able to squeeze in drawing with my IPAD mini. As much as possible, I wanted to draw everyday, but there’s a certain level of motivation, and inspiration to keep me going. One factor must be I was able to sleep earlier on a Sunday, and woke up by 5:30 AM. I was also able to workout with my Ring Fit Adventure.  On the following day Tuesday though, I woke up at 6:30 AM, despite the earlier bedtime. The result : no drawings and no exercise for me at all.

Even today, Wednesday, while I was writing this, I woke up at 6:30 AM, and that’s a little late too. But the day is still long, maybe I can still squeeze into my schedule today: workout and drawing! <- This two takes a lot of work, effort, and time, but it was all worth it, for my soul!

About the inspiration of my drawing above. It was on Episode 2 or 3 of the K-drama : What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

To be able to finish a Korean drama, I multi-task it with exercising with my Ring Fit Adventure (Oh by the way, I also journal about my Ring Fit Adventure, if you’ve been following my blog, and social media accounts, you’ll know. But it’s still in draft section of my blog, as I was way behind already. Hope to publish that soonest)

(Oh and by the way also, with this blog, I’m just rambling my thoughts, ‘cos it’s quicker, and to make it more personalized, more me. No need to edit too much. Think of it as a handwritten journal, whose journal owner has no correction tape)

To repeat, to be able to finish a Korean drama, I multi-task it with exercising with my Ring Fit Adventure. Before maybe, 3 years ago, I was below 25 years old, that’s a goal : finishing a k-drama, after k-drama. I don’t mind sleepless nights. But now, I don’t mind not finishing one. If I don’t like it, I stop midway. Actually, my 66-year old one finishes more K-drama than I get to finish! It’s her every-night-before-sleeping stress-relief booster! For me, it became a stress chore. So I need another element which is Ring Fit Adventure to keep me going with this K-drama marathon!

My mom is not that techie, so I am supposed to look for the k-drama episodes online, saved it for her, so she could just watch instantly. Because my mom already watched a ton of k-drama, It came to a point that I find it hard to look for new series. Then I remember, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. She was hesitant to watch this, because she said she already watch it on local TV. But I knew she only watched  a few episodes. I figured there’s still more if you watch the whole series completely.

And so she was able to watch it completely. And there, she recommended it to me! She said she laughed a lot, and loved the romantic side of the story!

So now, I’m still on Episode 3 of What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. I only watch this while I workout on my  Ring Fit Adventure. And instantly, I was just inspired to draw!

This is the first character I draw for this feature. First I draw the main character Lee Young Joon. His signature hair, with a side lil curl laying beautifully on his forehead. His suit and his neck tie, oh who will forget how Secretary Kim carefully pick a neck tie for him. His face though, actually I wanted him to look more confident, but I ended up drawing his expression a little more hesitant-looking, while he gave that huge stuffed toy cow to Secretary Kim. Which… is about right: his hesitant face expression, ‘cos from that story, it seemed like it’s the first time, he ever gave it to a girl.

My drawing of Lee Young Joon, is just how I remember it, but with the stuffed toy cow, I forgot how it looked like. At first, I wanted to just draw based on imagination, but I figured it’s a signature stuffed toy, so I look for pictures of how it actually look like, and draw it just the way it is.

With my drawing of Secretary Kim. It’s easier for me, ‘cos her hair is how I usually draw a girl’s hair. And also I tie that way, myself. I also love her corporate outfit. One that highlights her curves! Her skirt, though above the knee, doesn’t exposed much. It still has that feminine, but respectful vibe. Her long sleeves, is thin and flowy, but the trick is to tuck it in. I still remember those days when I still dress that way. I adore those dresses, and makeup, and playing with different earrings also. I don’t dress that way anymore, due to my weight problem.

There’s more improvement needed for this drawing. I wanted to color it, make it a lil clean. But I don’t have much time and energy. As you can see it’s 8PM when I draw it. It’s nearing my bed time then. I still have a day job to work for. But thankfully, I manage to squeeze in drawing! Despite the limited time. I hope as day goes by, even though I’m drawing on a quicker time, my artwork improves. And be able to draw comics/ manga/ webtoon. That’s a wild dream. But for now, I’m thankful for what I could only accomplish!

That’s it for now!

Thank you for reading!

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