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How is your Handwriting in this Digital Age?

In this digital age, it’s easier to just type your thoughts and notes via your smartphone or laptop with keypad and keyboard intact. But, I still prefer writing using a pen (an apple pencil, to make it more modern as it’s environment friendly right? less dirt erasures, less waste of paper)

About the picture above, all of a sudden, I was writing my full name in my electronic journal. Then another below, and another in another style. That I ended up making 11 styles, non-stop. If have all the time in the world, I could still produce a lot of my own handwritten styles.

But guess what? my signature is not any of the above. Hehe. It’s way uglier!!! During my younger days, when I’m studying for exam, and I get sleepy or bored to listen to lectures, I doodle, or practice my signatures on the left or right column of my study notes. One or a few times, I got this blank pages full of signature. That’s to prevent me from sleeping.

Then the practice turned from signature to doodles to practicing writing my names, to quotes.

There’s magic! And in this crazy little world, at least I have this one single part of me that’s organized: my handwriting (atleast, with my preference hehe)

Also, writing by hand has been a part of my childhood. Maybe those kids nowadays started out, with all the grander things, those that require less handwriting. But that’s their childhood. Mine’s different. Together, with my co-generation in the 90’s, ours were different. We treasure our childhood, even up to today. And even though we’re living in a world of digital age today, you can never eliminate what has been part of you since then. It’s like culture and beliefs. It has been embedded in you.

Part of the reason also why I love writing by hand is because of my late father’s handwriting. I miss him everyday! This is a handwritten letter he gave to me when I was in Grade 6, elementary days.

How’s your handwriting in this Digital Age? Whatever it looks like, for sure it’s beautiful!

That’s it for now!

Thank you for reading!

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