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Want to try street food in Cainta? Try Yes Efren’s Special BBQ!

Their vinegar is the bomb! And their java rice makes you want 2 extra orders!

Joseph and I got food preferences. Sometimes, it’s between choosing something that’s spicy, or choosing food with vinegar as the main dipping sauce. Vinegar for us seems to ease digestion, and cleanse the palate from heavy and oily food. 

In Yes Efren’s Special BBQ, we always order their combo meal : Yes with Super Friends!

Yes Efren pack their Super Friends combo meal quite nicely. Look at the how they cleanly wrap the street food pieces in a foil! 

Yes with Super Friends combo meal got all your street food desires: Isaw Baboy, Hotdog, Isaw Bilog, Isaw Manok, Inihaw na Tenga, and their Special Barbecue. 

Yes with Super Friends combo meal also includes one java rice and atchara. 

As an extra order, you can buy Yes Efren’s special vinegar, they call Yes Suka, in a 250 ml bottle , priced at 45 pesos only. 

Why do we love their vinegar? There’s finely chopped onion and chili pepper included in the vinegar, that’s not just staying below the bottle, providing the color of vinegar with a hint of red. 

Price List in Grab Food for Yes Efren’s Special BBQ:

30 – Hotdog

30 – Inihaw na Tenga

35 – Isaw Bilog

30 – Isaw ng Baboy

48 – BBQ

30 – Isaw ng Manok

40 – Java Rice

243 pesos Total

Yes with Super Friends combo meal is priced at 239 pesos. Obviously, there’s only a 4-peso difference.

Please spare yourself from clicking a lot of items in Grab Food and just add Yes with Super friends Combo Meal if you wanted to try all the Filipino street food listed above. 

Maybe you’ll be surprised by the price of it, considering the much cheaper price of street food in your barangay or your street corner.

Let’s consider all the better things about Yes Efren:

  • they packed their food nicely
  • their street food is much flavorful
  • their BBQ is huge!
  • they got three types of Isaw in one meal, and the serving size is huge too!
  • they prepare their signature java rice and vinegar perfectly

Summing all up makes the price well worth it!

Their special barbeque is the largest and tastiest I ever ate. That’s why their name is : Yes Efren’s Special BBQ. It’s really up there in the Filipino street food competition!

They are not just any street food stalls out there, they were even featured in Karen Davila’s My Puhunan:



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