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Order at Eataewon for your Tteokbokki, Kimbap, Jjajangmyeon, and Hyun Bin (Bun) food cravings!

One night, I’m craving for Tteokbokki! But I’m also curious what Jjajangmyeon taste like so I ordered that too. Ordered Kimbap too. But hey, there’s more! Who would have thought you could also order Hyun Bin (Bun) via Eataewon?

Orders came in black microwaveable containers!

Please note that prices indicated here are based on Eataewon’s Grab Food, were we usually placed our food orders.

Eataewon Tteokbokki

Eataewon Tteokbokki – 350.00 pesos

Eataewon’s Tteokbokki is spicy! For me, it’s the spiciest tteokbokki I tried so far. Which is the best thing ‘cos if it’s not spicy at all, then it does not belong to my food fave list.

I appreciate that there is a lot of fish cake included in this Tteokbokki.

There’s also one whole egg sliced in half, making it picture perfect, indeed.

Who would have missed the generous cheese sitting on top of Eataewon’s Tteokbokki? The cheese gave an oozing texture and it only slightly balance the spiciness of the Tteokbokki.

Verdict : This topple down all other Tteokbokki finds for me! Love it!

Eataewon Jjajangmyeon

Eataewon Jjajangmyeon – 400.00 pesos

Eataewon’s Jjajangmyeon is placed in two different set of containers. One for the noodles and fried egg, and another for the Jjajangmyeon sauce.

I know a lot of you first saw Jjajangmyeon in the Oscar winner, South Korean thriller : Parasite. But I already noticed this in some korean dramas too.

I was intrigued how this Jjajangmyeon is featured a lot more in K-drama series than the popular Samyang spicy noodles.

I can picture the main actors / actresses eating Jjajangmyeon with their lips smothered with that black Jjajangmyeon sauce. But I can’t figure out the taste just by watching.

And now that I tasted it, what’s my verdict with Eataewon’s Jjajangmyeon? Well, it something needing to get used too. It’s flavorful on the salty side indeed. It tasted unique for me.The meat cubes are so chunky and tasty. The red and green bell peppers in it remind me of some chinese noodles. But it’s unique for my taste, in a good kind of way. At first, I thought I wouldn’t finish it, but I was suprise I’m getting addicted to the taste as time goes by, eating it.

The serving of Eataewon’s Jjajangmyeon is huge. It’s good for 2-3 persons. So if you’re also curious about the taste, invite you best buddies to share it with you too!

Eataewon Kimbap

Kimbap – 400.00 pesos

Eataewon Kimbap is super worth the price! ‘Cos one slice of it is so huge, you gotta prepare your mouth to eat one big mouthful!

It’s a perfect combination to the spicy tteokbokki!

I love how all kimbap slices fit the box perfectly.

One order of Eataewon Kimbap, got two Kimbap rolls. You can pick either Bulgogi, Samgyupsal, Chicken, Tuna, Crab, and Volcano. Price ranged from 350 to 450 pesos.

Eataewon Hyun Buns

Eataewon Hyun Buns – 400.00 pesos

The name is so cute, right? They name their garlic bun with Hyun Bin of Crash Landing of You. I actually order this just because of that! Haha. Good marketing strategy for korean drama fanatics, Eataewon!! You got me right there 😆

Eataewon’s Hyun Bun is pre-sliced into eight. On the center’s there’s a generous amount of cream cheese. And on top, there are meat toppings.

One order of Hyun Buns got two buns of your preferred toppings. You can choose either beef, chicken, pork, or combi for your Hyun Buns.

We cannot travel yet due to the pandemic. But atleast through food by Eataewon, we we’re able to experience Itaewon, South Korea in the comfort of our homes.

I got one dish that I forgot to order which is Kimchi Sundubu Jjigae or Soft Tofu Stew, which is popularized by the famous Netflix k-drama series : Itaewon Class. Hope to order that soon!!!

That’s it for now!

Thanks for reading!

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