Have you tried your bullet journal with an Excel? – Trip Jem

Have you tried your bullet journal with an Excel?

✍Blogging takes hardwork and time for me. Two blogpost took me almost a day! It takes a lot of heart! And to put your thoughts into writing, take extra effort. You all know that I’m blogging more about food. And those restaurants, those in the diet delivery service, those chef, professional, amateur cooks, or starting up a food or baking business put all their heart for the love of food. And I felt it’s just right to appreciate them with a food journal.

🤸‍♀️Today, I skip my full body workout because I decided to start writing early in the morning. Plus all other things I wanted to do this long weekend. That included this basic planner I made using my laptop. Did you know that I only do this with Excel? Yes, bullet journal is possible in an Excel! Year 2021 and something may still remain the same, something still works best!


❣All GIF is from GIPHY.

I wanted to create journal stickers but it’s another set of hardwork. I can only do so much without being too overwhelmed. 😴And sleep is always a priority for me. 

⏰I always wanted to organize my time and be in tune with myself this long weekend.

💟I’m just so happy yesterday, Thursday because everything went right on my habit tracker

💛 woke up and breakfast at 4:30 am
💛 full body workout (yoga, core, leg, arm, jog)
💛 diet meal plan by Doctor Diet Manila
💛 bedtime at 7:00pm

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I enjoy writing and sharing a part of myself through writing (and working on art sometimes!) And I also love making videos and taking photos of food! 

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