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Doctor Diet Manila – Food Diet Delivery Review (Part 4 – 12 February 2021)

This week, Joseph and I availed of a diet delivery meal plan by Doctor Diet Manila.

Ordering is simple nowadays! You just message them on their Facebook page, and they easily respond.

With Doctor Diet Manila, the difference I noticed is they do some health assessment first, provided by their nutritionist.

After the health assessment, I was advised to order a 1200 calorie meal plan only. While for Joseph, the meal plan should be 1800 calories only.

We unfortunately skipped ordering their Monday meal, ‘cos it was already past their cut off when we thought of availing their diet delivery meal.

Actually, I really thought about it for long because it’s an adjustment situation for me who’s used to Grab Food orders and heavy lunch and dinners. Then I look on my weight, and I look in the mirror, and I just told myself, get back to your weight loss goal, girl!

I’m happy because Joseph joined me in this diet delivery food experience. #Couplegoals don’t you think? HAHA turns out, I’m adoring the heaviness of his 1800 calorie meal plan. Read on!

Tuesday – 09 February 2021

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Wednesday – 10 February 2021

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Thursday – 11 February 2021

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Friday – 12 February 2021


Berry Cream Pancake

This pancake by Doctor Diet Manila looked more flawless than my face HAHA! It’s so smooth and so fluffy. It’s equal in thickness. I was wondering how beautiful the pan they use to making pancakes, and the how balance the proportion they did in mixing ingredients. ‘Cos it’s p-erfect!

Joseph got 4 pieces, while I got two pieces, because we got different meal plan.

The milk is quite thick, and the sweet syrup got jellylike chunks into it.

It is perfect with coffee.

I was eating it slowly, thinking that this is the last breakfast meal for the week. And it’s a joy to eat, ‘cos every meal is different!

For me, my favorite in those 4 days would be their breakfast meals! I never thought breaking a fast, would be this delightful and exciting (coming from my previous routine who only sip coffee for breakfast and ate nothing more)

LUNCH 12:00 PM

Beef Gyudon Rice Bowl

Correct me if I’m wrong Doctor Diet Manila, but is that patola slice in small cubes? Or sayote? HAHA I always interchanged the two!

‘Cos surpisingly it blends together with the Japanese Beef gyudon!

Again, what I appreciate about Doctor Diet Manila is they blend our local Filipino ingredients, to foreign ones.


Banana and Oat Cookies

Doctor Diet Manila got a photo of this on their Facebook page, their freshly baked oat cookies. I count and it’s about 38-40 pieces of oat cookies in one photo! Got me curious with the taste, ‘cos Tuesday to Thursday went by, and it’s not included in our snack. Then, hooray! it turned out to be a Friday snack!

 Just like the other snack, it’s yummy and it’s a delight to have a sweet treat in a diet meal.


Shrimp Cake Meal

This one made me teary eyed. Aside from it’s the last meal for the week, I’m very much fond of their garlic sauce!

Joseph ate his snack, boiled egg, together with this dinner.

The shrimp cake is soft and fried just right.

I usually finished eating the side veggies first, so I could focus with the meat and the rice.

With my last bite, I still felt teary eyed because of the yummy garlic sauce. How I wish Doctor Diet Manila sell it in little cans!

Joseph kept me guessing what our next food looked like. If it was me who got the delivery from the gate, I would have check everything up as soon as I got the brown bag, and take a flatlay photo of everything. But Joseph will automatically put the brown bag of meals in the fridge, so we’d be surprised the next day.

After we finished our breakfast, I’ll soon be curious what’s our lunch or dinner, but Joseph’s good not to spoil our excitement.

By the way, the delivery is day before.

Our Friday meal is delivered the day before, Thursday 4PM. Doctor Diet Manila is located in Antipolo, which is a fast route to Joseph’s place in Cainta.

I also asked if they deliver in Tondo, where my place is and they also deliver there too!

I also asked for some diet assessment for my 66-year-old mom! And love that they cater also to diabetics! But I still have to talk to my mom about it, because she’s not used to this kind of diet meal plan yet.

There are many first with this meal plan!

  • started eating breakfast as early as 4:30 AM
  • took dinner as early as 6:00 PM
  • the two listed above made my sleep schedule as early as 7:00 PM
  • my metabolism speed up I guess, as I easily became hungry every hour
  • Iooking forward to snack time
  • I eat smaller than my usual heavy meals

Joseph and I very much appreciate their food. It is also nicely prepared and packed. The rider is courteous to leave a text message saying that he is on the way and he is on the gate already. Doctor Diet Manila is also responsive in their FB chat.

Doctor Diet Manila’s meal plan price is 390 pesos per day for 1200-calorie meal. And 480 pesos per day for 1800-calorie meal. Daily meal includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2-3 snacks, and coffee.

I got a lot of food trip and food photos, but it’s not all the time that I post it on my blog. Doctor Diet Manila gave me that inspiration boost this week via their food!

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That’s it for this blogpost!

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