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Cydney’s BTS BE Album Unboxing

My now 13-year old niece Cydney is so cute! For her age, her dancing to k-pop is worthy of auditions! She’s already way up there the competition! Ibang level! She can also dance to BTS songs too! But I never knew how huge her fandom to BTS, when I saw her literally crying upon unboxing this BTS BE Album! Watch her in this video, her tears-of-joy reaction is so cute! Anung ginawa niyo sakanya BTS?

Big thanks to her mom, my cousin Ate Cyndy for giving me permission to post this video on my Facebook page: Trip Jem. Ate Cyndy is also a good dancer! Saan pa ba magmamana si Cydney sa kagalingan at kacutean, edi sa kanyang twinnie mother!

Thank you so much to Purple Path for this BTS BE Album for our baby Cyd on her birthday last Feb 05! For your BTS and other K-pop limited edition albums!

Visit her page here:

The owner is very responsive and very friendly! When she asked who is Cydney’s bias, and then Cydney responsed she’s OT7, I felt like I’m such a real tita now, ‘cos I didn’t understand them at first! God, I’m only turning 27 on April, but I’m feeling so old! Good thing Purple Path is very engaging to newbie to BTS like me!

Seeing Cydney’s joy is so priceless! I could not stop repeatedly watching this up to the end of this video. Hope you’re smiling too while watching this!

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