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My Bonchon Favorite Spicy Combinations!



I could not count how many times I ordered at Bonchon particulary my fave spicy combinations : 🍲 Fiery Spice Beef Bibimbowl, 🥘Spicy Beef Stew, 🥟Steamed Mandu, and 🍫Chocolate Brownie Milky Kreme.

Whenever I order food, I make it a point to include spicy flavors. I’m actually not afraid with spice levels and I sometimes challenge myself to order the spiciest dish in restaurants I went to. As you can see from my Bonchon favorite list above, I got two spicy dishes : the Fiery Spice Beef Bibimbowl and the Spicy Beef Stew.



Bonchon’s spicy dishes is actually a new discovery for me this year 2021. When I thought of Bonchon before, I only had these 3 dishes in mind: their korean chicken, their fried seafood platter, and sometimes their yummy beef bulgogi. But upon browsing over Bonchon’s Grab Food menu, they got more than that which for sure, will also satisfy your Korean food cravings!

Note: Prices listed below are from Grab Food menu, were I usually placed my order.


Bonchon Loaded Bibimbow (Fiery Spice Beef) – PHP 174.00

Bonchon Loaded Bibimbowl (Fiery Spice Beef) is truly loaded with the following : beef strips, egg slices, sunny side up egg, white rice, nori slices, carrots, and fiery spice sauce. This is my second fave Bonchon dish. It’s full of Korean flavors and also worth the price. Other Bibimbap dish I tried got a lot of vegetables and only a small amount of beef. But this Bonchon Bibimbowl, as you can see from the picture, is packed with a lot of beef strips. It gives you two style of egg : one sunny side up, and the other is omelet slices. Nori slices also amps up the flavor of this dish. Don’t worry about the spicinesss of this dish. And just think about this. since this is loaded and heavy, you wanted something spicy to lighten it up, and to also ease your digestion.

Bonchon Beef Stew (Spicy) – PHP 202.00

Bonchon Spicy Beef Stew is my no. 1 fave dish at Bonchon as of this time.

Caution : it’s really spicy! So either you try the non-spice beef stew, or you order this spicy beef stew then partner it with rice or mandu, and end your meal with a dessert, just so there is balance, while you still enjoy the spiciness of the flavor.

What do I love about this Bonchon Spicy Beef Stew?

Aside from it’s spicy that one spoonful for me, soothes my throat, and any nasal congestion (‘cos it’s tha-t spicy!), the flavor is very yummy and comforting. It’s perfect when you’re feeling cold and blue, or the weather is rainy, winter or maybe, you’re in an airconditioned room.

A lot adore another famous korean stew : Sundubu Jjigae or soft tofu stew (not Bonchon’s menu). But for me it tasted sour and unique to my liking. Bonchon’s Spicy Beef Stew still tops the list of stew for me. It’s a perfect combination with that pristine white rice, topped with sliced nori. I can eat the soup and the rice and I’m all good!

The beef of this spicy beef stew is on the mildly chewy side, but I guess that’s what is needed to this dish because if beef strips are placed instead of the usual thick chunk slices, I guess it will be soggy and not enough to capture the spiciness of the flavor.

The presence of potato and carrots reminded me of curry. Actually this beef stew for me feels like curry but more of a watered down, more Asian Korean version. Love it!

Steamed Mandu – PHP 64.00

With this dish, remember to always note : steamed not fried. There’s a huge difference to the fried version. The fried version is toasted and mildly sweet. If you want that then go ahead, but for me, I love the simplicity of steamed mandu. It’s also healthier ‘cos it’s steamed. And it’s not also bombarded with garlic chives which I find it right also, ‘cos chives leaves an aftertaste and too much of it seemed to dull my appetite.

This version of mandu from Bonchon is perfect combination to my fave spicy beef stew. When I still got a lot of extra spicy soup after I finish the white rice, the steamed mandu comes to the rescue when I could not stand the spice.

Bonchon Chocolate Brownie Milky Kreme – PHP 64.00

Bonchon Chocolate Brownie Milky Kreme is heaven! What you’ll also love about this is the fudgy brownie chunks!  Thinking about it makes me want to order this again, right now. As of this time, among all local food chain, this tops the dessert fave list for me!

Hi Bonchon, please make your milky kreme into large sizes also, pretty please?

Here are other Bonchon food photos. As you can see, I experiment with dish combinations!


The craze is still all about Korea. From the Korean drama and Korean netflix movies, korean variety shows, k-pop, k-merchandise, to of course, Korean food.

When it comes to Korean food though, Samgyuepsal is still topping the trend. But upon eating Samgyeupsal for countless times, I am all about looking for some korean food variations now, and I can truly see that Bonchon keeps on innovating and providing new dishes to match these modern times.


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Before I write in this blogpost, I make sure I have ordered in a particular restaurant multiple times and I make sure to feature my favorites, so I could at least explain to you the taste and how my food experience feels like. 






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