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Doctor Diet Manila – Food Diet Delivery Review ( Part 6 – February 23 2021 )

For Part 6 of my food diet delivery experience with Doctor Diet Manila, we got French Toast with Roasted Peach, Classic Beef Kaldereta, Tuna Sisig Rice, fruit, cookies, and boiled egg. I lost 3 kgs. in 3 days because of exercise and this delicious meal plan!

This meal plan I’ll be sharing to you is from Doctor Diet Manila’s 4th week of February weekly meal plan.

Doctor Diet Manila Weekly Meal Plan – February 22 – 26 2021

February 22 2021, Monday

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February 23 2021, Tuesday

Breakfast : French Toast with Roasted Peach

I kept on saying this on my previous posts about Doctor Diet Manila, that their breakfast dishes became my favorite! And that’s coming from me, who is used to eating none for breakfast and only drinking coffee for breakfast.


I was surprised with myself too, because I am used to eating bread slices ( though for PM snacks or dinner) but I never knew this dish would mark on me like: if I’m gonna learn to prepare breakfast, I’m gonna include this!

The french toast is soft and mellow. It’s soaked in milk and then fried, which makes it more delicious when it’s still hot and slightly crisp.

The peach is a welcome sweet flavor to this dish. If you are not familiar with peach, then just think of the taste of Jollibee Peach Mango pie.

I would love to eat another set of this for my snack, but I almost forget I am on a weight loss plan!

Breakfast : Coffee

I usually drink my coffee in the morning. So the Nescafe coffee stick provided by Doctor Diet Manila is consumed early on. How I wish there’s an alternative to coffee like tea or juice, especially for those who wanted to skip coffee. But I’m not complaining because Coffee is ❤.

Lunch : Classic Beef Kaldereta

I like eating the carrots first and the potato marble second, before the main highlight, beef kaldereta and rice.

Aside from wanting to ingest the most nutritious first, I also wanted to know how perfect they cook their side dishes (which is often neglected by most restaurants)

The carrots tasted sweet. And the potato marble tasted NOT bland at all. Potato marble used to be my least fave side dish because of the lack of flavor, but Doctor Diet Manila’s knack in cooking makes anything flavorful.

Diet meals for me isn’t just about calorie counting, but it’s also about revealing each flavor of crops to its fullness and true taste, and incorporating it to the dish without using too much of the artificial flavorings.

The beef kaldereta tasted good with rice and no rice. What I did was I eat the beef kaldereta first to appreciate the local Filipino flavor. And then I eat the rice last for satiety.

Snack : Chocolate Cookies

What better way to enjoy this chocolate cookie by Doctor Diet Manila? It’s to eat this with coffee, tea, or non-fat milk, while watching your favorite variety show. In our case, we love to watch the famous Korean variety show, Running Man!

As you can see from the picture above, there’s Lee Kwang Soo of Running Man! If given a chance, I wanted to do a blog review of each episodes of Running Man! But as of now they got 545 episodes already so I’m sure, for now, this will only form part of a wild dream of mine for this blog, but let’s see! 

Snack : Fruit

Sorry I wasn’t able to take a photo of the fruit but it’s either banana, apple, or dalandan.

Snack : Boiled Egg

Sorrry I wasn’t able to take a solo photo of the boiled egg. Boiled egg is included in 1800 calorie meal plan. My boyfriend Joseph has that included in his 1800 calorie meal plan. While I got none in my 1200 calorie meal plan.

Since snacks and fruits are not specifically mentioned in their published menu, for sure Doctor Diet Manila got more surprises to offer for us when it comes to snacks and fruits. Gosh, I love surprises!




Dinner : Tuna Sisig Rice

When I learned that tuna sisig rice is our dinner for Doctor Diet Manila, I started to imagine how it will looked like. Will it look like the one from Sisig Hooray? But Doctor Diet Manila’s presentation embodied what a proper diet meal should look like. When I opened the plastic container, I saw the tuna rice laying on a bed of lettuce,  then I saw the perfect scrambled egg on the side, and then I saw my fave, green chili slices! I can eat it alone and wait for my tongue to tell: oh this chili slice is not spicy, oh the other’s one’s spicy! I wonder why some chilis are dud. Good thing, all chili spices in Doctor Diet Manila never fail my spicy loving tongue.

By the way, the boiled egg included in the photo above is part of my boyfriend Joseph’s 1800 calorie meal plan. Instead of eating it as a snack, he loves to include it in his dinner. My 1200 calorie dish is the dish behind, which excluded egg. Maybe egg is too much for a 1200 calorie meal that’s why Doctor Diet Manila did not include it.

Tuna dish is a familiar dish to us because it’s also my comfort food that Joseph prepared for me when I feel down. I love this Tuna Sisig Rice by Doctor Diet Manila and how I wish they prepare this in platters or trays!

Doctor Diet Manila Weight loss Results : I lost 2 kgs. in 3 days only!

On February 22 2021, I weigh 60.08 kgs. This is a sad moment for me considering I workout (though not consistent) since last year. I also was able to reach the 54 kgs weight loss last year but here I am again on a yo-yo weight cycle. My fault too ‘cos I love eating a lot too. But I’m not giving up this weight loss goal! 

On February 25, 2021, that’s 3 days after, I weigh 57.940 kgs. That’s 2.14 kgs weight loss. I give credit to Doctor Diet Manila and my daily morning exercise to this weight loss.

Consistency is the name of the game here. As I was writing this today, March 07 2021, I weigh around 58 kgs. A little weight gain again as I am not consistent to ordering Doctor Diet Manila. I got a lot of cheats days too were I order my usual Grab food orders and I’m not consistent to my exercise routine, but I’m gonna tell you from my experience that this meal plan by Doctor Diet Manila really works (see that proof above!) And it’s up to you, your consistency, your habits, and your motivation to reach that goal.

Doctor Diet Manila Prices :

1200 calorie meal plan – PHP 390.00/day

1800 calorie meal plan – PHP 480.00/day

Note: I was prescribed a 1200 calorie meal plan by the nutritionist of Doctor Diet Manila. The pictures focused on this blog is a 1800 calorie meal (my boyfriend Joseph’s meal plan). My 1200 calorie meal is the one on the further back. 

Aside from the two meal plan, they got different meal plan and sizes too depending on your goal. You can ask Doctor Diet Manila to plan for your healthy weight loss or maybe weight gain, or maybe to help you control your Diabetes too.

That’s it for this blogpost! Part 7 (February 24 2021) of my Doctor Diet Manila diet delivery experience will be up next!

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