Beautiful Scars by Maximillian (cover) – Trip Jem

Beautiful Scars by Maximillian (cover)

The first time I heard this song, I instantly wanted to sing it! Sometimes the lyrics of a song, perfectly explains what you’re feeling at the moment. The lyrics of Beautiful Scars by Maximillian is very empowering. It’s about accepting our past self, and using it not against us, but as a good path, a blessing in disguise to reach our goals and dreams in life.

Beautiful Scars – Maximillian


“I’m not gonna fight back what I’ve become
Yeah, I’ve got bruises where I came from
But I wouldn’t change if I could restart
I ain’t gonna hide these beautiful scars
I’ve been going way too hard on myself
Guess that it’s the reason that I’m feeling like hell
But I wouldn’t change if I could restart
I ain’t gonna hide these beautiful scars”

Sharing also some a video capture from my quick video recording. The filter is from the Beauty Cam app. Love that app especially on days when I feel down, stressed, and needed some confidence boost, I use that app, and just exclaimed to myself : You can do this girl!

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