Doctor Diet Manila – Food Diet Delivery Review ( Part 17 – April 01 2021 ) – Trip Jem

Doctor Diet Manila – Food Diet Delivery Review ( Part 17 – April 01 2021 )

For Part 17 of our food diet delivery experience with Doctor Diet Manila, we got Nutty Almond French Toast, Tinapa Gourmet Rice Box, and Garlic Olive Shrimp Pasta. We also got Nescafe zero-calorie coffee stick, Banana, Oatmeal Cookies, and boiled egg.

For this diet plan, I increased my calories from 1200 to 1500. I also requested for it to be high-protein, meaning I’d also have boiled egg included in my diet plan everyday. I requested to increase the calorie of my meal plan, because I love to exercise at least an hour either with Ring Fit, Fitness Boxing, or Yoga. And from my experience, I easily starved from a 1200 meal plan if I partner it with intense exercise.

Joseph’s diet plan stays the same. He got 1800 calorie high-protein meal plan.

Doctor Diet Manila Weekly Meal Plan :  March 29 – April 01 2021

March 29, 2021 – Monday

March 30, 2021 – Tuesday

March 31, 2021 – Wednesday

April 01, 2021 – Thursday

This Part 17 is our most recent order with Doctor Diet Manila! Before we proceed with the menu for Part 17, let me share to you below how my Art Journal looked like! And look at how I highlighted Doctor Diet Manila in my meals! My Art Journals will all soon be published in my blog soon!

This blogpost is made more special because April 01 is Joseph and I’s 8th Anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend!

Let’s go back to our meals for Part 17!

Breakfast : Nescafe Coffee

Doctor Diet Manila provided Nescafe Coffee stick that is zero-calories. Joseph and I tried it without adding white sugar, and it tasted just right. But most of the time, we couldn’t resist adding a small teaspoon of white sugar on our coffee, for that sweeter taste.

Breakfast : Nutty Almond French Toast

When I started to have French Toast for breakfast, thanks to Doctor Diet Manila, I was one excited girl here! “Ohh.. fancy!” That’s what I think about French Toast. I was also reminded by those French ladies and how, they carry themselves, quite classy, and how they maintain their figure quite slim, even though French pastries and desserts, almost made up their meals (well that’s how I see it in the movies 😉 )

Doctor Diet Manila’s Nutty Almond French Toast also included peanut butter and berry jam. First I tried dipping my french toast with the peanut butter. Second, I tried dipping my french toast with the berry jam. Then lastly, I tried mixing both peanut butter and berry to my french toast. What was my favorite? It’s the last one. Mixing both dips!

Now, that made me think about eating French Toast with all other kinds of dip!

Lunch : Tinapa Gourmet Rice Box

When I read that this dish is a Tinapa Gourmet Rice Box, I was reminded by those glass jars of Gourmet Fish (Tuyo, Tinapa, Sardines) being offered by small entrepreneurs in our local community. Doctor Diet Manila included the Tinapa Gourmet in their rice here. It also included corn, meat, and salsa.

Snack : Oatmeal Cookies and Banana

For our fruit, we got banana. The healthiest fruit for some because it’s rich in Potassium. Some even attest to its weight loss results and even naming it a Banana Diet.

For our snack, we got Oatmeal cookies with raisins. We tried this multiple times, as well. And I’m liking that we have fiber portion through our oats, added to this snack!

Actually, banana is also filling and satisfying already for some sweet snack in the afternoon. That’s why we no longer need to devour on big sizes of cookies, or unwanted sweet cravings. A fruit and small piece of cupcake is enough to get us through the latter part of the day.

Our number one requirement when eating any sweet snack is partnering it with hot coffee. So we usually have coffee twice a day, one in the morning, and another in the afternoon. Any sweet snack has a tendency to leave a sticky residue in the throat, and we could not afford to be sick (nor have sore throat) during these days of pandemic.

What better way to enjoy Oatmeal Cookies by Doctor Diet Manila? It’s to eat this with coffee (or maybe your choice of hot tea, or hot non-fat milk) while watching your favorite variety show. In our case, we love to watch the famous Korean variety show, Running Man!

If given a chance, I wanted to do a blog review of each episodes of Running Man! But as of now they got 500+ episodes already so I’m sure, for now, this will only form part of a wild dream of mine for this blog, but let’s see!

I also wanted to create a blogpost featuring this work and gaming space which Joseph and I were both fond of organizing! We also love to create desk and room layouts! There are multiple versions we setup already, and there are a lot to feature including toy figures/ collectibles.

Dinner : Garlic Olive Shrimp Pasta

My boyfriend Joseph is not fond of black olives. He usually gave to me every black olives in his Yellow Cab Charlie Chan Pasta. But now that he’s also acquainted with various healthy meals, surprise! surprise! he ate all his black olive portions with this dish by Doctor Diet Manila. This Garlic Olive Shrimp Pasta got lots of shrimp too which I like the most!

The boiled egg included in the picture is actually a part of our Doctor Diet Manila’s Snack, but we decided to add it in one of our main meals. Joseph sliced the egg with an egg slicer.

Doctor Diet Manila Weight loss Results : I lost 2 kgs. in 3 days only!

On February 22 2021, I weigh 60.08 kgs. This is a sad moment for me considering I workout (though not consistent) since last year. I also was able to reach the 54.00 kgs weight loss last year but here I am again on a yo-yo weight cycle. My fault too ‘cos I love eating a lot too. But I’m not giving up this weight loss goal!

On February 25, 2021, that’s 3 days after, I weigh 57.940 kgs. That’s 2.14 kgs weight loss. I give credit to Doctor Diet Manila and my daily morning exercise to this weight loss.

Consistency is the name of the game here. As of 10 April 2021, I weigh around 58 kgs. A little weight gain again as I am not consistent to ordering Doctor Diet Manila. I got a lot of cheats days too when I order my usual Grab food orders and I’m not consistent to my exercise routine, but I’m gonna tell you from my experience that this meal plan by Doctor Diet Manila really works (see that proof above!) And it’s up to you, your consistency, your habits, and your motivation to reach that goal.

Sharing to you my previous Weight – Exercise – Food Tracker below: 

As you can see, from March 22- 28 2021, I wasn’t able to order at Doctor Diet Manila and look at how my weight fluctuate up and down like a yo-yo. From March 29 to April 01 2021, I was able to order at Doctor Diet Manila again, and my weight is at a steady downward trajectory, just the way I like it.

The benefit of diet delivery, like ordering in Doctor Diet Manila, is you save time and effort in prepping your meals. I am a habitual Grab Food customer, and it would took me an hour before I can finalize my order. I am big eater and food lover, but I am also very picky, that I end up disappointing myself from my food choices. But when Doctor Diet Manila came into our lives, thinking about food during work-from-home, is such a breeze. The food is delivered the day before, you just leave it in the refrigerator overnight, and then the next day you wake up, you just heat the food in the pan or in your microwave oven.

Joseph also kept on exclaiming that : Iba talaga pag yung pagkain natin, Doctor Diet Manila (it’s different when our food is from Doctor Diet Manila), because he really felt it with his digestion, and he said he isn’t that bloated. He also find it nutritious and tasty!

Selfie taken 02 April 2021

I took this selfie without filter, just a natural light from the window. When it comes to weight loss, the first part that one will notice is the changes on their face. I kept on taking a selfie to be able to look back and see the difference.

I am 26 year-old, turning 27 on April 16. My height is 4’11 and currently around 58 kgs. My ideal weight should be 47 kgs. I still have a long way to go. My overweight tendencies started when sedentary office work became part of my life (that’s 6 years and counting!) I started to fight this overweight tendencies by exercising. Last March 2020, I started exercising with Ring Fit and I ended up at 54 kgs. My weight came back again, and I’m now back at the 58 kg. From an Ayurveda perspective, I have a Kapha Dosha. Meaning, I easily gain weight. Food is love, but food can also be my enemy.

Doctor Diet Manila Prices :

PHP 510.00 / day = 1800 calorie high-protein meal plan

PHP 480.00 / day = 1500 calorie high-protein meal plan

Aside from the two meal plan, they got different meal plan and sizes too depending on your goal. You can ask Doctor Diet Manila to plan for your healthy weight loss, even weight gain, or maybe to help you control your Diabetes too.

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If you want to know more about Doctor Diet Manila, visit their Facebook and Instagram page:

As of 11 April 2021, this is the most recent order we got from Doctor Diet Manila. Hope to feature more dishes of Doctor Diet Manila soon! That’s it for this blogpost. Thank you for reading!


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