Art Journal by Trip Jem (April 2021) – Trip Jem

Art Journal by Trip Jem (April 2021)

April is my most favorite month, because it’s my birth month 💝

This is inspired by the two different cakes I got for my birthday. The first one has pink flowers (thanks CFF friends!) The second one has strawberries (thanks to my mom!)

Last weekend, I was supposed to write on my blog but I decided to declutter my digital photos all day – Saturday and Sunday . An organized photo system will help me a lot with my blogging and art journaling. As I love documenting my daily life, I am left with tons of photos. I’m still not finished with decluttering yet, but I made progress!

There also a lot to write about my 27th birthday, especially about FOOD! But here’s life telling me to enjoy the present moment, and just write later.

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