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What’s my journal style?

What’s my journal style?

I journal “by the time” and I always would perfect journaling my early morning hours, because my mood is still light. And I always remind myself that : your only given task should be your morning routine for yourself (or your loved ones). Meditation is also easier in the morning. Either your meditation is a form of prayer, or a form of exercise (yoga), or in my case, my meditation is writing in my journal.

Throughout the day though, it’s not easy to journal what has happened, especially when you are at work, and you need complete focus to avoid mistakes (most especially when your work is crucial that’s involving money, or if your work involves a matter of life or death.) In my case, if there is free time, I only log the most important, and I write it in the shortest possible words. Like for example instead of doing it in diary or paragraph form like : I woke up at 5:30 AM, feeling sleepy still, ‘cos I spent my night watching Korean drama, I only use : 5:30 – woke up. As simple as that.

I only do long journal /diary entry form early in the morning, or at night after dinner (unless, I’m super sleepy which often happen after a long day!). When writing in my private journal, I also use my mother tongue, which is Tagalog, because it’s easy to recall a story, without being conscious about grammar and all. Here in my blog though, I strive to write in English for international readers.

My private journal and this blog is completely different of course, I try to be more artsy when publishing content. But the actual journal is simple, no art at all.

Drawing takes up a lot of time for me. But it’s what I want, next to writing. In drawing, I have this mantra recently, that I make sure I don’t copy, and just remember how I imagine it to be. I also avoid using ready-made art stickers for my journal, because sure, sticker makes journal faster to be a little cuter, but I prefer drawing my own stickers! That’s how I practice my art!

What’s the difficult thing to journal?

It’s difficult to journal negative thoughts, or drama, or sad events that happened to your life. When my late dad was in the hospital, and I was there beside him all day and night, I remember I journal a few of what happened: what the doctors said, what the nurse did. But, I could not completely put it in writing, because it’s quite painful.

Even those negative thoughts, I strive to not include it because you see, 10 years from now, the only thing that you wanted to recall are happy memories. And thinking about negative thoughts, also ruin one’s day. I don’t want that it my journal, as well. Though, you may say you have to accept reality, but it’s your life, you get to choose what’s best for you, and what you wanted to be highlighted in your life.

Thank you for reading!

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