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Yayoi : Unagi Don

How can I not forget my food experience with Yayoi. It’s such an unforgettable experience, having to order using a touch screen tablet while dining in. That was a few years back, I know some restaurants began to use this modern style of taking food orders, but I’m sure Yayoi was one of the first here in the Philippines.

Also, how can I not forget my all-time fave Unagi Don by Yayoi. The first time my boyfriend Joseph and I ordered this, I knew I will be ordering it again and again.

I even made a video back then, featuring how we enjoyed eating Unagi Don.

Before this pandemic, Joseph and I would frequent SM Megamall for our food trip. We braced the storm of traffic and waited for slots to open in always-full-parking-lots in SM Megamall, because for us, it got all we needed from the shops, play, and most importantly, food!

But since the pandemic is still there, our date night, now became Grab Food orders and bonding over Netflix marathon at home.

Good thing, Yayoi is available via Grab Food, to soothe our Japanese Food cravings.

Prices indicated here are from Grab Food as of June 2021

Yayoi Unagi Don – PHP 750.00

I like how it was delivered still neat, thanks to the round sturdy container by Yayoi, and the careful rider who delivered our order.

Cravings satisfied indeed! But I only have one thing to suggest for those who would want to try this the first time: Eat it while it is still hot!

Because I still miss the dine-in experience with my Unagi Don on a heated pot (as seen on our food video above), I couldn’t help but compare it from this take-out. And I find there’s a thin difference. Maybe because grilled eel, like salmon sashimi, is such a delicate fish dish, that sometimes restaurants would avoid letting their customers order it via takeout.

Other than that, this is a great dish! Optional : Add spice powder for people like me who love spicy food 😉

Food really brings back memories. My late dad would always order Unagi Don during our trip to Japan, and it instantly became his fave too, the first time he ate it. 

That’s it for this food post. Thanks for reading!

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