July 2021 – Trip Jem

Day Don Don Korean Buffet : for your Korean Food and Grocery Needs

These days I often mind myself craving for sweet, sour, and spicy ramen noodles, sundubu jjigae, and tteokbokki, maybe because it’s raining which is by the way my least favorite weather of all, even hearing rain, instantly put me on a low mood. And it’s not enough for me to just comfort myself by covering […]


Yayoi : Mix Toji Set

On previous blogpost, I featured Yayoi : Unagi Don (Read here!) For this blogspot, I’ll be featuring Yayoi : Mix Toji Set. Yayoi Mix Toji Set Price : PHP 575.00* Price based on GrabFood app and Yayoi website Yayoi‘s Mix Toji Set Ingredients : Tonkatsu, fried shrimp and Sukiyaki beef simmered in Yayoi’s house special […]