November 2021 – Trip Jem

Anatomy of a Ducup MNL : Spicy Pork 

🧐WHAT TO KNOW?  🍛🍚Ducup Spicy Pork  🥟🥟Ducup Mandu I first discovered Ducup MNL on Facebook when Ryan Bang, a South Korean comedian / celebrity who made his name here in the Philippine showbiz industry, posted  a video feature about it. I also learned he owned Ducup, too. 📍WHERE TO FIND? Ducup MNL  is located […]


WHAT’S NEW : Jollibee Strawberry Cheese Pie, Choco Hazelnut Sundae, and Sweet Chili Chicken

🧐WHAT TO KNOW?  Jollibee has consistently surprised us with food variety, not just with their chicken flavors, but also their rice meals, fries, pies, and sundaes. Previously, they offer peach mango pie, buco pie, halo halo sundae, honey beef pepper rice, and more. Now here in the Philippines this November 2021, Jollibee is offering Strawberry […]


Power Puff Pearl by Happy Lemon

The milk tea’s name is called Power Puff Pearl. And the 90s Cartoon Network kiddo here 🙋‍♀️will always be reminded of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup 🎀 💟 What I found cute : 🛍💛Cute Milk Tea eco bag🥤💜 Artsy Cup (I got London-themed) ✍My Quick Milk Tea Verdict :What I like about Happy Lemon Power Puff […]