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Pepper Lunch : Supreme Pepper Rice


Pepper Lunch is famous for their round, sizzling hot plate. Either your meal is served already mixed and cooked, or the meat is served to you half-cooked, and you’ll be the one to mix it up, while you wait for the magic of the sizzling plate to cook your dish for you. Rice on the center, corn and meat encircled to surround the rice, special sauce on top of rice, and the more you mix it all together, the better the flavor it gets. And who would forget their sauces : honey brown and soy garlic.

Now Pepper Lunch is available for delivery, and I’ll be sharing to you my second favorite Pepper Lunch dish : Supreme Pepper Rice (my first favorite will also be posted soon)


Pepper Lunch is located in almost all malls here in Metro Manila, and the Philippines. Their restaurant is also available via Grab Food (where I also ordered)


Pepper Lunch is one of my most favorite restaurant, so I often order, almost weekly. But my latest order of Pepper Lunch Supreme Pepper Rice was on October 30, 2021.


Pepper Lunch is memorable to me since my college days (2010-2014) That was 6-10 years ago!  I love taking irregular classes then, with bigger meal breaks of about 3 hours, so I could squeeze in longer meal times. Food is life, ever since! 

From my most beloved university then #FEU, my boyfriend and I would ride a 15-20 minute train trip, from LRT Recto all the way to LRT Cubao to just have a lunch date at Pepper Lunch in Gateway foodcourt. Back then, it’s the most nearest Pepper Lunch. 

Now, it still has been a part of our weekly meals. I always patronize my favorite restaurant, when it comes to ordering. Believe me, that when I blogged about it, I kept on ordering on repeat. 😉

Pepper Lunch Supreme Pepper Rice for me is like Chao Fan but a thousand times better. It has meats : chicken, beef, and shrimp. I always order it, Jumbo (their upsized meal). For add-ons, either I double the meat, or just add-on additional shrimp. My most favorite part is the shrimp, and they’re generous with it!

I partner it with honey brown sauce. It’s the ultimate sauce for me!

To end this meal, I always, always, order with Cucumber Lemonade. There’s something about this drink that soothes digestion. And it’s very important especially if you have eaten something heavy and pepper-y. 

If you are reading this Pepper Lunch, I love your meals! And I hope you make your limited edition notebooks available for delivery, too. For a Pepper Lunch fan, that collectible is precious but due to pandemic, I wasn’t able to dine in and collect one. 😉


I love to eat, take photos and videos of food, write on my digital journal, and draw sometimes.



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