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WHAT’S NEW : Jollibee Strawberry Cheese Pie, Choco Hazelnut Sundae, and Sweet Chili Chicken


Jollibee has consistently surprised us with food variety, not just with their chicken flavors, but also their rice meals, fries, pies, and sundaes. Previously, they offer peach mango pie, buco pie, halo halo sundae, honey beef pepper rice, and more. Now here in the Philippines this November 2021, Jollibee is offering Strawberry Cheese Pie, Choco Hazelnut Sundae, and Sweet Chili Chicken



Jollibee is the number one local foodchain here in the Philippines, and now, making a huge name all over the world.

Their restaurant is also available via Grab Food (where I also ordered)


November 05 2021


🍗 Jollibee’s Sweet Chili Chicken is not so new and actually, I’ve been ordering this already on recent months and this has been my favorite chicken flavor. I even love it best than the original Chickenjoy, because it doesn’t need any gravy at all. I love the combination of 🌶 spicyness, sweetness, and mild sourness of this dish, and I hope Jollibee would not pull this off their menu. Being exposed to 🔥 spicy, sweet, and sour dishes of Filipino-Chinese cuisine, maybe this is also the reason why I love this dish. Someone would find this unique, but for me this is a Eureka moment, and a star dish ⭐

🥧Jollibee’s Strawberry Cheese Pie’s flavor is just straight to the point. Upon first bite, I smell and taste the usual strawberry jam. The 🍓 strawberry is the Yin, while the 🧀cheese is the Yang because the cheese flavor is just very light, and very clean ☯️. The strawberry seemed to overpower the cheese. So, maybe next time, when I’ll order again I’ll taste the cheese first, to appreciate the cheesy side. To Jollibee, I wish you would launch a pie, that’s cheese-only inside🥧🧀. I am imagining it now, that cheesy pie, that’s still hot and oozing, and maybe a little milky and vanilla-flavored. Perfect with Jollibee hot coffee ☕, that I also often order for breakfast. 

🍦Jollibee’s Chocohazelnut Sundae’s flavor reminded me of Ferrero 🍫. Because there’s crunch especially on top, I thought they crush a ferrero on top,and add little chocolate syrup, but aside from that it’s all plain vanilla sundae below. I would have wanted more flavors below, but hey *burp*, having chicken, pie, and sundae in one meal, the plainness of this just completes my meal all together.


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