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Anatomy of a Ducup MNL : Spicy Pork 


🍛🍚Ducup Spicy Pork 

🥟🥟Ducup Mandu

I first discovered Ducup MNL on Facebook when Ryan Bang, a South Korean comedian / celebrity who made his name here in the Philippine showbiz industry, posted  a video feature about it. I also learned he owned Ducup, too.


Ducup MNL  is located in Tomas Morato Quezon City, Emerald Ortigas, and Masangkay Manila.

Their restaurant is also available via Grab Food (where I also ordered)


November 04, 2021


When I order via Grab, one of my food searches would be something “Korean,” and good thing there is something new in the Korean restaurant list of Grab, and it’s Ducup MNL. 

I was watching video features of Ducup MNL, but I cannot seem to recognized how it actually taste like, by just watching, so I ordered to confirm all the raves. 

In one Spicy Pork ricebowl there got : little Korean skewer on top (rice cake, spam, kikiam, and pineapple), rice, spicy pork, japchae, seaweed, mayonnaise, choice of sauce (gochujang, mustard, sweet chili, ketchup, and buldak)

I know the taste of each ingredients, but I cannot guess how it taste like when all are mixed together, so I ordered out of curiosity, and I found it pleasing to my korean-food-lover tastebuds. 

Now I know why the positive reviews says, “hindi nakakaumay” It maybe unique-looking and unique-tasting for some, but as you get used to it, it will tend to become your comfort food, especially if you are craving something Korean. 

Plus, for only 179 pesos, it’s really a full meal in one rice bowl. “Busog” talaga.

It has small orange or iced tea included. In Grab Food though, there is no choice to upgrade your drink. I much prefer large-sized drinks, though.

For 49 pesos, you may opt to order add-on : Mandu, Seaweed Roll, Korean Meatball, extra Japchae, or extra Korean Skewers. I tried Mandu, and it’s filled with noodles like that of Japchae. I would have wanted more ground pork than noodle ratio in my Mandu, but my idea maybe would be over-the-top considering the ricebowl itself is already one full meal. 

To Ducup MNL, I hope there is an option where we can upsize / double our meat choices. Because with my ricebowl order, there’s more rice than meat but maybe I did not just mixed it thoroughly, and eat all meat toppings first, out of excitement. 

On my next order, I wanted to try Ducup MNL Soy Pork and Beef, with Buldak as sauce. I also wanted to try Ducup MNL Rose and Spicy Topokki. 

I can definitely say, though Ducup MNL is new, but their menu definitely got potential. One word to describe this restaurant and their brand: it is “hip!” It looks modern and up to the trend. I hope they offer Gilgeori Toast and Korean Milk Tea, in the near future, too!


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