Are you a fan of local or foreign travel? – Trip Jem

Are you a fan of local or foreign travel?

Me, I’m not really a fan of local travels.

Beach Trip? My late dad always brought me to Mindoro, his hometown near the sea, during Summer vacation when I was kid.

Tagaytay Trip? My parents would bring me on a weekend trip when I was a kid a lot of times too. Because they wanted to own a ‘lot’ there, so we were looking, and looking, and those number of times, Tagaytay felt like just plain and usual, for me.

Baguio Trip ? Same as my history with Tagaytay. The more we visit, the more the mountains there became nowhere to be seen, but just houses.

If you have experience things already, places became not so magical. I cannot fake my awe from garden resorts and tourist spots that I have already experience a lot of times.

That’s the reason why I love to travel outside the country more. Especially Japan and Korea. And that’s also the reason why, I rather much stay at home. Sometimes, some travels are just not so worth the effort, time, and money.

Or maybe, just maybe, I’m at my point in life where happiness, being a travel wanderlust is no more, or is now a different story.

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