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2022 Food Blog #1 Seoul Healthy!


Looking for salad, wraps, and rice bowls that is not just healthy but also tasty, with a hint of Korean flavors, too? Try our 2022 Grab Food find : Seoul Healthy!

Before unwrapping and opening the food pack, let’s appreciate Seoul Healthy’s food packaging, shall we?

Seoul Healthy’s packaging looked nice to me. The food label’s written in italics which looked simple and neat. Aside from the food label, there’s a QR code which after you scan with your mobile, will then prompt you to a Google Doc feedback form. I also appreciate that they use the color white, with their packaging because the color white = clean. Clean Living. Healthy Living. That’s one health goal to look forward too.

With the transparent food bowl, I just had a slight difficult time opening 1 out of 2, that I punch a scissor on the side to pull it out open. But the other one’s easy-peasy to open.

With this packaging, they did not include any social media sites or website, and they did not even include the name of their restaurant : Seoul Healthy. But, it’s okay for me. This makes you focus on the food, than the brand.

Seoul Healthy – Samgyup Chicken Salad ( PHP 169.00)

Marinated chicken with Pickled Vegetables, Kimchi, and Lettuce

I was very happy with the chicken portion in this Seoul Healthy Samgyup Chicken Salad bowl, as you can see in the picture.

Another thing I’m very happy about is the presence of kimchi. Kimchi’s taste is heaven to my mouth. Though Seoul Healthy’s version of kimchi is on the sour side. I’m more of kimchi flavor that has a sweet side. But hey, I should remind myself this : if you are on a diet, you would need to minimize sweet taste. Not to opt it out too much that you deprive yourself. Their marinated chicken by the way has a hint of sweet taste, too.

Aside from the sour taste found in kimchi, there’s a sour taste that’s prominent in their pickled vegetables.

This sour taste is balance by the pungency of raw red onion, and of course the bitterness of lettuce.

When combined together, this Seoul Healthy Samgyup Chicken Salad bowl is very tasty, and I can repeat ordering this one.

Seoul Healthy – Kani Wrap ( PHP 229.00)

Kani, Fresh Mango, Greens and Spicy Mayo in a Tortilla Wrap

Out of the two, this Seoul Healthy Kani Wrap is my favorite. It has a generous portion of Kani. It’s creamy sauce is heaven. It has cucumber and mangoes that are both cooling. The tortilla wrap soft texture’s just right.

Since they are also very generous with the sauce in this wrap, the sauce spill under, so as a remedy we just eat this under the Samgyup bowl, so that the remaining sauce that’s spilling would come right at the Samgyup bowl. No problemo! But I just wish they do something with the sauce spilling. But I guess, it’s already innate problem with eating wraps, burritos, shawarma. On second thought, it’s better than those wraps with little to no sauce at all.


In Grab Food, Seoul Healthy got a combo food promo of Kani Wrap + Samgyup Chicken Salad, priced at PHP 329.00 (saving us up to 69 pesos!)


Seoul Healthy is located in the following :

  • Sampaloc
  • San Juan
  • Cainta
  • Kapitolyo
  • Maginhawa
  • Marikina Heights
  • other locations

*I am not sure with Seoul Healthy’s other branches, as I only discovered their branches in Manila and Cainta area.

*Seoul Healthy is also available via Grab Food (where I usually order)

*I cannot see their presence though, in social media sites such Facebook and Instagram, as well as food blogs, so if this food review’s a first, then hooray!


February 03, 2022


It’s February 2022, and this is my first blogpost for the year. And I wanted to feature something healthy. If you’ve been browsing this blog, I’d been featuring health food such as those from Doctor Diet Manila, and mostly Korean and Japanese food. Also, my current 82 followers here in WordPress, which is also co-bloggers, are mostly health-focused bloggers too. And they inspired me!

Actually, I was afraid to order a salad and I’ve been a contemplating for a month now. I’m used to eating cooked Filipino vegetables such as Chopseuy and Pinakbet. I’m also used to eating salad in general. But what made me contemplate is my fear of having to lose strength physically and mentally, from this adjustment. Rice and meat is proven for me to give enough strength and energy to fulfill my work and personal tasks for the whole day, and omitting or even minimizing rice and meat would right away, affect my mood and result to low energy. But I also need to remind myself of my weight gain tendencies, and that I have to be cautious.

Seoul Healthy’s surprisingly tasty, and it still has generous meat portion which makes this health move easier.



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