2022 Food Blog #2 Yes Efren Special BBQ – Yes Barkada – Trip Jem

2022 Food Blog #2 Yes Efren Special BBQ – Yes Barkada


Yes Efren Special BBQ is one of my favorite local food find in Cainta. For this post, I will be featuring Yes Efren Y14 – Yes Barkada (BBQ, Isaw Manok, Isaw Baboy, Isaw Bilog, Tenga, Bulaklak, TJ Hotdog, with Java Rice, with Yes Atsara, and with Yes Suka)

I’ve been saying in my social media and previous blogpost about Yes Efren, that aside from their food,  I also love their new food packaging.

Those shades of red and black match their grilled food specialty. But the major color white, match how delicious and homemade their pork barbeque is, and how they properly clean and prepare those chicken intestine (isaw) and other inihaw specialties. When it comes to local Filipino street food, you need to ensure the cleanliness and proper food preparation, and luckily I found it ~  in Yes Efren! That maybe the reason even local celebs patronize their products also!

Their inihaw is sealed in a foil to ensure that the extra sauce won’t spill. Their atsara and signature vinegar has tight-sealed small containers, too. And the rice is packed nicely, to ensure the garlic bits above are secured nicely on top. Those mentioned are very important especially with food delivery. Sometimes, how a food is presented sets a tone for your foodie mode for the day.


Yes Efren Special BBQ is located in Don Mariano Subdivision in Cainta, Rizal.

They are also available via Grab Food (where I usually order.)

They are available in selected local groceries, too for the frozen meats.

Their branches are available in Metro Manila and greater Metro Manila (Last time I checked with their owner, they got a new branch in Caloocan!)

Per checking also, they will launch a food truck, too!

This business grow so fast!

For more info about Yes Efren Special BBQ, visit the following :




February 01, 2022


Yes Efren Special BBQ – Y14 Yes Barkada (PHP 259.00)

Being one of our favorites, we always order in Yes Efren countless times. And it’s always worth it!

You know what changes? I just experiment with the sequence in eating. At times I decided with this food sequence :  BBQ, Isaw Manok, Isaw Baboy, Isaw Bilog, Tenga, Bulaklak, TJ Hotdog.

Or sometimes, I eat the driest first : BBQ, Hotdog, Isaw Baboy. Then I eat the fattiest last, for satiety : Isaw Bilog, Tenga, and Bulaklak

What boost my appetite more, is their java rice that’s well-cooked and generously sprinkled with garlic bits. Most of the time, we order extra rice: either their java or budbod rice.

Another thing that made it appetizing is their Yes Suka, which I also mention on my previous posts.

But you know one food hack I did, recently? I tried Yes Efren, with Kimchi, and surprisingly, it turns out Y-U-M!




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