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My thoughts on the Netflix series : The Crown

My 2021 throwback journal featuring the Netflix series: The Crown ๐Ÿ‘‘ but got more thoughts now, after I heard the sad news about Queen Elizabeth ๐Ÿ™

Initially in The Crown series, I most adore Prince Philip’s character and how he turned from a man who’s such an adventure-exploration-seeker (flying trainings, interest in moon-landing), he whose career ambition’s way different than just being a Prince consort to The Queen, he who eventually wanted to find his direction in life even after all those adventures and royal glamour, he who after all those lavishness, finally found content in simple happiness, he who went back to the ground and finally found true meaning and respect in being a Prince Consort. Most importantly, he who had found God which he initially deny, but finally learned as the only missing piece โœ๏ธ

I also love the character of Queen Elizabeth. Now more than ever! Claire Foy is the best actress to portray the Queen’s younger years. The accent. The way she carry herself. The authority in words, and the image. ๐Ÿ‘

What I realized with Queen Elizabeth’s character is she’s huge in Single-Tasking. In a modern world where multi-tasking is one conveted skill, the Queen reminded us to find ourselves in single-tasking. She’s single-tasking in her interest in horses. In enjoying tea. In conversations with Prime Ministers. In writing letters.

She’s opposite in character to her sister Margaret who’s charismatic and YOLO in approach to life. The Queen’s duty may seem boring or dull to her sister and to some, but the Queen’s mental and emotional prowess were exceptional. She knew it’s her duty to follow the rules no matter how difficult it could be. And being long reigning Queen was the result of her being a woman of true dignity and one with the highest respect.

The Queen’s belief’s deeply rooted as she’s crowned in her teen years, after her father died. It’s when your parents die, it’s when the most sad or challenging times arise, that you will hold on to the most important in life, and you can never easily get faltered.

Their story in this series may or may not be the most accurate in real life. But you will learn lessons from this. One of my most fave Netflix series (please don’t stop filming the last season!)

Will repeat watching #TheCrown



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