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Ordered via the Tim Hortons App + Donut and Bagel Feature

Tim Hortons’ red❤️ and white 🤍 theme complement the natural brown color 🤎 of coffee, donut, and bagel. It’s a🎄Christmas color, that I truly think they should own the Merry season by offering Christmas merchandise such as planners or coffee mug! BER month started already, and I wanted to write something sweet that would fit the season!

🍯Honey Cruller is my first favorite order in Tim Hortons. When I first tasted it, the cruller screamed crispness on the outside and softness inside. Its spiral circle shape added to the texture, too. It’s light, sweet, and addicting that I ordered multiple times. You got to eat this while it’s hot!

Based on survey, Honey Cruller and Apple Fritter ranked #1 in Tim Horton’s favorite donuts. But🍎Apple Fritter is not magical to me, as it is to other people. It reminded me of Mcdonald’s apple pie, but bigger, and shaped like a hand of some cartoon character. The striking difference is Tim Hortons’ got more cinnamon flavor! I’m not just a fan of apple pie. I’m more of a peach mango pie fan. But is there even a peach mango donut?

🍫Chocolate Eclair is my newfound Tim Hortons discovery! Among the 6 premium flavors in the box, this is less sweet maybe because the sweetness was balanced by the whipped cream. My favorite part of course is the chocolate on top, it’s sticky but thick that I could separate it from the choux pastry and eat the chocolate alone. Chocolate Eclair also reminded me of the dessert that my favorite MasterChef Australia contestants present most of the time to the judges. I think Tim Hortons should make a variety of Eclair because if Eclair’s a MasterChef favorite, must mean this pastry has a lot of potential.

When donut is not the option, I would definitely choose their Bagel B.E.L.T! I like the freshly grilled taste of the bagel and the four-cheese to flavor the bagel. It’s a good breakfast option! I’m curious with their Bagel now, that Eureka moment of discovering new food — happiness!

Unfortunately, I cannot still find my favorite Tim Hortons Drink. I tried Iced Vanilla, Double-Double, Frozen Chocolate, and Iced Vanilla Red Eye, but I cannot still find that one Tim Hortons drink for me. One day, I’ll find that one drink that will match my bagel or my chocolate eclair. I like giving second chances to food and drinks. So, I’m going to order again and let’s see if my decision changes. Sometimes it depends on the mood!

By the way, I ordered through their Tim Hortons App. They got reward points, and this order came with free maple donut and Red Eye Iced Vanilla. There’s another voucher, where you can get PHP30 off. I wasn’t prompted in the app, that the delivery was ready for pick up, but it was stated in their email confirmation that you got to pick it up after 30 minutes from time you place your order. I picked it up via the Grab Express.


Did you know that in 1964, a Hockey Player named Tim Horton opened a coffee shop in Canada? After 58 years, who would have thought that his dream would be known all around the world! 🍁Canada must be very proud to have not a just a Hockey Player ‘legend’ but also a successful cafe owner, as you could see the Canada flag even in Tim Hortons’ cups and boxes.


I first heard of Tim Hortons when it first opened in SM San Lazaro (Manila, Philippines) sometime in 2020. It became available in Grab Food where I most often order. Recently, I’ve placed my order via their Tim Hortons App.

You can reach Tim Hortons via the following:

Website: Home | Tim Hortons

Facebook: Tim Hortons | Facebook

Instagram: Tim Hortons Philippines (@timhortonsphl) • Instagram photos and videos



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