If we are friends on facebook, you’ll know that I keep on posting how much I love Master Chef Australia! Now there’s this one episode that caught my attention because of how cute and colorful they spread this little cubes on the long table. It’s a blind taste test challengeRead More →

Kalye Unli Grill has been our go-to unli restaurant in Cainta, for it’s price, and for it’s unique streetfood and Filipino buffet spread. Now, when I saw on their Facebook, that they’re also offering something cheesy, something beefy, and something baked. I said to myself, I’m gonna try this, that’sRead More →

My foodie soul felt excited at a sight of seeing a new restaurant or fastfood chain. And then I saw the newly opened Popeyes at SM San LazaroRead More →

It was a Eureka moment when we discovered Fukurou Nihonryori’s Spicy Sashimi Salad with Grab Food! We highlighted this guilt-free healthy dish which deserves 5 stars! Read more about our food story here!Read More →

Trip Jem made Baked Mac for the first time and it’s a creamy cheesy sweet success. Following Panlasang Pinoy recipe, we were able to satisfy our cravings instantly!Read More →

This icecream shop serves rolled icecream with toppings ranging from fruits to even toasted marshmallows and cheese! But there’s one thing I found out about Elait, icecream shop that captivated my heart. Find out here. Read More →

There is this little Korean grocery in Malate for all your korean cravings: instant ramen noodles, meat for your Samgyeupsal, Kimchi, desserts, drinks, seasonings, seaweed, snacks, tea, coffee. They even sell portable butane gas stove here!
Recently, my officemate and closest friend Nica, discovered that Ottogi’s Tteokbokki is available there too. See how it looks when it’s cooked!Read More →

Johanna, Jemboy’s sister just got this sudden idea of baking and you know what’s great about it, she let us into this yummy treat. Featuring her choco crinkles, and a glimpse of her banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. This food activity reminded me of our mini cupcake activity with Mara and Mathe way way back!Read More →

in Tatsuya Osaka, the food was superb. But what would keep us coming back is the excellent service of the staff, and the care they did towards us especially to my parents. Thank you old man and old lady from the restaurant. I wanted to bow my head or even say mano po to both of you once I see you again. Read more to see the food they served for us! Read More →

Here in Manila, lobsters are rare and quite expensive as you could only see them in the menu of a dampa area or in buffet section. But when you go to Japan, you could taste not just Lobsters there but also King Crab in nearby market or food stalls.
Read More →

We were craving for Korean Samgyeupsal and we found out in advertisements that SM Megamall has this korean-inspired restaurant, located at one far end of the mall. Sorry though ‘cos this is not a Samgyeupsal food post. Joseph and I decided to try their speciality first before jumping in to our samgyeupsal cravings.
We ordered their specialty: Chicken Wings!Read More →

While waiting for my all-time favorite Chinese Food, Hakaw in Hap Chan, let’s first drink unlimited tea!!! I love Hap Chan for the food and service and I couldn’t count how many times we dine in and take out in this restaurant. I love Hakaw so much. My mom andRead More →

  It was Sunday morning and all I think about is Samgyeupsal! Good thing, there’s a newly opened Korean buffet a few minutes near Joseph’s place in Cainta so we just sip our coffee, finish our morning movie marathon, and a few minutes before opening time at 11AM, we’re offRead More →

I went to Pound by Todd English located in Robinsons Ermita to take my lunch because of their yummy and filling Amsterdam Burger. It is priced at 280 pesos, but with 10% service charge like most restaurants in the Philippines, my bill totaled to 308 pesos. From the menu, theRead More →