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Anatomy of a Ducup MNL : Spicy Pork 

🧐WHAT TO KNOW?  🍛🍚Ducup Spicy Pork  🥟🥟Ducup Mandu I first discovered Ducup MNL on Facebook when Ryan Bang, a South Korean comedian / celebrity who made his name here in the Philippine showbiz industry, posted  a video feature about it. I also learned he owned Ducup, too. 📍WHERE TO FIND? Ducup MNL  is located […]


WHAT’S NEW : Jollibee Strawberry Cheese Pie, Choco Hazelnut Sundae, and Sweet Chili Chicken

🧐WHAT TO KNOW?  Jollibee has consistently surprised us with food variety, not just with their chicken flavors, but also their rice meals, fries, pies, and sundaes. Previously, they offer peach mango pie, buco pie, halo halo sundae, honey beef pepper rice, and more. Now here in the Philippines this November 2021, Jollibee is offering Strawberry […]


Power Puff Pearl by Happy Lemon

The milk tea’s name is called Power Puff Pearl. And the 90s Cartoon Network kiddo here 🙋‍♀️will always be reminded of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup 🎀 💟 What I found cute : 🛍💛Cute Milk Tea eco bag🥤💜 Artsy Cup (I got London-themed) ✍My Quick Milk Tea Verdict :What I like about Happy Lemon Power Puff […]


Yayoi : Mix Toji Set

On previous blogpost, I featured Yayoi : Unagi Don (Read here!) For this blogspot, I’ll be featuring Yayoi : Mix Toji Set. Yayoi Mix Toji Set Price : PHP 575.00* Price based on GrabFood app and Yayoi website Yayoi‘s Mix Toji Set Ingredients : Tonkatsu, fried shrimp and Sukiyaki beef simmered in Yayoi’s house special […]


Yayoi : Unagi Don

How can I not forget my food experience with Yayoi. It’s such an unforgettable experience, having to order using a touch screen tablet while dining in. That was a few years back, I know some restaurants began to use this modern style of taking food orders, but I’m sure Yayoi was one of the first […]


Jollibee’s Ultimate Burger Steak

Aside from the famous Jollibee Chickenjoy, this #1 Filipino fastfood-chain is bringing us and the whole world to new food heights. If you are an international reader and you’re new to Jollibee, I will share to you my food experience, and will bring you to what’s new on the Jollibee menu. I will break it […]


Ottogi’s Instant Tteokbokki

There is this little Korean grocery in Malate for all your korean cravings: instant ramen noodles, meat for your Samgyeupsal, Kimchi, desserts, drinks, seasonings, seaweed, snacks, tea, coffee. They even sell portable butane gas stove here!
Recently, my officemate and closest friend Nica, discovered that Ottogi’s Tteokbokki is available there too. See how it looks when it’s cooked!


Tatsutaya in Namba,Osaka

in Tatsuya Osaka, the food was superb. But what would keep us coming back is the excellent service of the staff, and the care they did towards us especially to my parents. Thank you old man and old lady from the restaurant. I wanted to bow my head or even say mano po to both of you once I see you again. Read more to see the food they served for us!


Gangnam Wings, SM Megamall

We were craving for Korean Samgyeupsal and we found out in advertisements that SM Megamall has this korean-inspired restaurant, located at one far end of the mall. Sorry though ‘cos this is not a Samgyeupsal food post. Joseph and I decided to try their speciality first before jumping in to our samgyeupsal cravings.
We ordered their specialty: Chicken Wings!