We have high hopes for One Piece World Seeker and were hoping that the fun and excitement is almost the same, as what we have experienced in Pirate Warriors 3


What makes One Piece Story-Age Monkey D. Luffy figure unique is the manga-style design around Monkey D. Luffy, highlighting the best moments in Luffy’s life.

Unboxing: Jump Force Collectors Edition. Before you play the most awaited PS4 Game of 2019, take a look at all the exclusive items inside this Jump Force Collector’s Edition box featuring Naruto, One Piece Luffy, and Dragon Ball’s Goku.

TripJem Haul for January 2019 includes: Samsung A7, Kingdom Hearts 3, PS4 Controller, and Pirate Warriors 3

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is awesome! If you are an anime lover, or you belong to the generation when Dragon Ball was aired and you watch episodes of it, then you would definitely enjoy this!

Check out the day in the life of Spiderman and an exclusive look of Peter Parker’s Apartment, only in this newly launched PS4 game: Marvel Spider-man (2018). See the unboxing, screenshots and videoclips here!

Joseph and I have been constantly building and collecting plastic model kits since 2015.
There’s a different kind of joy in having to cut each plastic model kit pieces, build it part by part (head, bust, legs, arms) following the model kit manual, and see it unfold into awesome, cool display figures in the form of mecha or mobile robots such as gundam or zoids.
You could cut then build your model kits and you’re done, but if you wanted to go into much detail, you could spray paint or coat it first.
Check out how we do it!

This manga version of Marie Kondo’s book is a light and fun read than her previous books. I have read her first book: Life Changing Magic of Tidying and her second book: Spark Joy, but this manga version is my fave!

We often shop at Greenhills Mall to satisfy our gaming/ hobby needs. We like that our go-to shops are all in there: Datablitz or GameonePH for our gaming console, Wasabi Toys for our Bandai Gundam Kits, Great Toys for our anime figures, Henry’s or Digital Walker for our camera, theRead More →