Feeling the pain of Dysmenorrhea I had to endure that Saturday night, I once wished I just collapsed so I could not feel the pain anymore. Read More →

From 58.3 to 56.8 kgs. 1.5 kgs lost equivalent to 3 pounds. Not bad cos they say 2 pounds lost per week is considered healthy weightloss. Anything more than that, and you risk sagging skin. My feet got more definition also. Road to 43 kgs cos that’s optimum for my height. Proper diet and workout never fails 👊Read More →

I still remember my answer to an interview question: why do you want to work in LANDBANK?
My answer was: I wanted to work in LANDBANK because I believe the government neeeded our patriotic service more than any private and foreign institutions.Read More →

MTPB and Police Officers in our neighborhood here in Tondo right now. Operation alis-obstruction along roads. There’s still hope for order atleast in streets here. ‘cos sayang, Tondo is known for small narrow streets but we’re lucky as ours is wider,we do not suffer so much when it comes to heavy rains and flood, and I tell you, it is safe to walk around here.Read More →

I gave up intermittent fasting for now and decided to go back to three full rice meals a day ‘cos the former didn’t work its magic anymore. But I had to remind myself that office work could make a person, sedentary lifestyle-prone. So to compensate, I have to introduce and add other forms of exercise aside from brisk walkingRead More →

(long version) Advanced Happy 5th Anniversary Baby!!! Your irresistible smile, your adventure-sporty type vibe, and this music inspires me to make more fun videos like this. I love you!Read More →

College Days 2013 Looking back, it is not the 5 years that matters, but the countless times my heart skip a beat with your gaze, your kiss, and embrace. Happy Monthsary and Happy Birthday in advance. I love you. #throwback Short Hair Days Days celebrated with friends Days unplanned butRead More →

2 months before our 5 years together, I thank the heavens for letting me love such an eye candy. Always smile and flaunt your chinito eyes because it makes my heart flutter, makes me put all problems aside.. Read More →

Christmas season for some may mean celebrating grand like hotel staycation or an out of town trip, So, I have to prepare… Naahh… I’d rather watch a movie in cinemas this Christmas 2017. I remember the last time I watched in cinemas with my parents was way back 2004. TheRead More →