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Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ at Ayala Malls Feliz

There are many Samgyeupsal Restaurants sprouting in different locations here in Metro Manila. And one of the new restaurants we discovered is Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ, located at Ayala Malls Feliz in Pasig.


They got kimchi, and some pickled sliced veggies.


We requested for thin sliced meats for quicker grilling.


While we’re waiting for our other meat requests, we were already given two small plates of marinated meat. It was served together with the other side dishes.


We got Enoki Mushroom Meat Roll. Pictured above are two other side dishes one is cucumber, and the other is some sliced veggies too.


With  a vibrant ambiance of brown, white, blue, and gray, the restaurant is so clean when we went there. Well, we actually make it a point to visit a restaurant upon its opening hours to make sure the place is still clean, orderly, and not yet crowded yet.


“I’m hungry” the pig stated. I was hungry too piggy, let’s bring it on!


There’s the usual rice and lettuce.


They got two sauces from the usual three sauces served in other famous Samgyeupsal restaurants. But that doesn’t matter, because most of the time, there are a lot of sauces to choose from, that customers got overwhelmed. You know the ending?  customers would just dip on one sauce and the other sauces would remain untouched.


This one’s new for Joseph and I. Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ got Shabu-Shabu too, alongside their unlimited meats. There are carrots, fishballs, kikiam, sliced fishcake, noodles, and veggies.


Here’s the soup of our Shabu-Shabu. Pictured above also is the cheese. Samgyeupsal now won’t be complete without that plate of cheese.


Here’s another look of the restaurant. Drinks are located a few steps from where we were seated. It’s self service. You got to stand and choose your own drinks. We didn’t took a picture though, but we pick cucumber lemonade, and blue lemonade.


When Joseph and I go to Samgyeupsal Restaurants, he’ll always be the one in charge to grill and cook for us. Thanks baby!


Of course, we would not forget to take a picture together. Actually, if you noticed, we were wearing matching couple outfits. If you are interested to know, our Tony Tony Chopper designed T-shirt’s  were bought from Uniqlo’s limited edition One Piece Collection.


Back to our food, so here’s how it looks when the grill pan’s packed. Picture perfect right!


When we thought all side dishes were served, in the middle of our time grilling, we were served Tteokbokki!


Our shabu-shabu was ready!


And our tteokbokki and melted cheese was ready too! So here’s what I did…


I put noodles in my spoon, and on top is tteokbokki dipped in cheese.


I combined it with the meat. Noodle + Tteokbokki + Cheese + Meat in one spoonful is heaven! Try it yourself too!

Tteokbokki is the star for me in Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ. Even Joseph found the sauce mixed to Tteokbokki quite yummy too.

The next time we ate there, I’ll be eating Shabu-Shabu last. It was a wrong move that the first thing we ate were the kikiam, the fish cake, the noodles and the soup of the Shabu-Shabu. Our stomach went full easily and we could not order another set of meat.

Since it has Shabu-Shabu too, I would have wanted a satay sauce (well that was just me! I am Satay sauce lover!)

Other than that, we’ll keep on coming back here in Mr. Korea Unlimited BBQ.

Samgyeupsal and Shabu-Shabu are both full of variety. I’d wait for the restaurant to amazed us with another food possibilities!

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